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The Elperin Family

This shoot wins the award for being rescheduled the most times. We’ve had this shoot on the books since last March I believe and between conflicts in both of our schedules we finally got it done!

We shot this session at the Venice Beach canals, which was a first for me. It’s beautiful there and no kids fell in the water which is a plus :) We only had one casuality in the water… poor Hannah’s necklace. Hannah went to throw it to Daniell so she could hold it and no one knew what a great arm she has. The necklace flew right past Daniell and into the canal. It was not funny, but Daniell and I could not stop laughing! That girl needs to be signed up for softball ASAP!

Thanks for the great afternoon, Elperin family!  I loved getting to see how much your kids have grown!

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The David Family

I love how Marisa tried to convince me that Ashlan was going to be hard to photograph.  She was a photographers dream!  She’s sassy and spunky and so cute!  Ashlan is a little strong willed, but that will serve her very well later in life.  It’s worth putting up with that stubbornness now knowing that she will grow up to be an independent woman.  I know because my daughter is exactly the same!

Such a happy and loving family.  Pair that with another beautiful day at the beach and low tide and it was the perfect shoot!


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The Gill Family

I love the beach in October. It’s my favorite time to shoot there. All the tourists are gone. The weather is still warm. And the sunsets are beautiful.

I’ve known Jill most of her life. We grew up in the same neighborhood and her older sister is one of my closest friends. It’s really fun to see her as a mom. Jill and Brandon have raised two amazing kids. Cameron is so quiet. I sometimes have a hard time hearing her. But, she’s so kind and just radiates beauty. Chase is all boy. And that hair! If growing up across the street from the beach and that hair don’t turn him into a surfer boy I don’t know what will!

The last time I shot the whole Gill family Chase was in Jill’s belly. I can’t believe it’s been that long! We shot at the beach then too.  It’s practically their backyard so it makes for the perfect spot for their shoots!

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