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The Carson Family – 2013

We normally shoot Julie’s family session in January.  On or around Joy’s birthday.  We decided we were going to take it easy this year.  No VW buses.  No beds in fields.  No party at the beach.  But, at the last minute we decided that we need snow.  Snow.  With 4 kids.  So naturally we needed a cabin where they could take breaks and warm up.  This delayed our shoot.  Then Julie broke her thumb.  And then every one of her kids got sick.  Really sick.  I called it off once for exhaustion (if pop stars can do it then so can I).  And then it was April and there was no more snow in our local mountains.  Luckily I know of a random Redwood forest close to my house.  We set a date.  Again.  And then I got sick.  Really sick.  5 different prescription meds sick.  But, we were not rescheduling again.

So, off we went.  4 kids.  4 adults.  A box of cupcakes.  A red wagon.  And a pack of teenage zombies (I’m so sad I didn’t get a picture of them).  And even though I couldn’t breathe and was hacking up a lung it was still as fun as it always is.

Whenever Julie and I are together we always have fun.  And that’s what I love about our friendship.  We have big ideas and big dreams and it’s fun to go on these crazy adventures with her (even when rattlesnakes are involved).

Can’t wait to see the craziness that happens next year!

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Baby Kate

The weather had been so nice leading up to Baby Kate’s newborn session that we switched from shooting in my studio to an outdoor location last minute.  I love photographing newborns outdoors.  It’s so serene and calm and all the ambient noise does wonders to get a baby to stay asleep.  One day I hope to have my own outdoor newborn studio. Except mine won’t have a crazy emu chasing us around ;)

Baby Kate was a dream to photograph.  She’s so easy, just like her big sisters.  It helps that their mama is a photographer.  I think photographer’s babies just don’t fight it as much.  They know they are destined to be in front of the camera :)

Congrats on another beautiful and healthy baby girl, Krista and Joe!  Enjoy every single second with her!



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Stella – 7 Months

I love Stella.  She is adorable and fun.  But, she is SO hard to impress.  She reminds me of the gymnast from the last Olympics. McKayla Maroney.  Plant a field of flowers for her.  Not impressed.  Bath tub in the middle of her backyard.  Not impressed.  Hang quilts in an old chicken coop.  Not impressed.  It just makes the smiles I did get that much better :)

I have loved getting to watch Stella grow and also watching her parents become truly amazing parents.  I had no doubts Danielle would be a great mom.  She was Brayden’s nanny and she had mama instincts before she even was a mom.  Stella is one lucky and loved little lady!

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