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Sara’s Day With Drew

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a mentoring session.  The great thing about not shooting weddings anymore is that I have more time to work with other photographers and help them achieve their business dreams.

Sara from Sara Barnes Photography came all the way from North Carolina.  I’m not going to say that having a photographer fly across the country just for a mentoring session with me isn’t intimidating.  It is a little.  But, Sara was so enthusaiastic and so kind.  I couldn’t help but be so excited to help her with her business.

Sara is a mom of two little men and a pharmacist.  And the thing is, she loves her job and has no intention of quitting, but photography is what makes her heart happy.  She decided that if she really wanted to pursue a photography business she wanted to have all of her ducks in a row BEFORE she jumped in.  Which is so, so, so smart.  So many times new photographers will start their business before they understand what it really takes to run a successful and profitable business.  I love that Sara wants to fully educate herself and have everything set up before she takes the plunge into really starting her business.  She’s a smart lady.

After talking business we went out for our shoot.  We were lucky to have this super cute family come up from San Diego to model for us.  Mom is also a photographer!

Thanks so much for coming out, Sara!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!

To learn more about my mentoring sessions, please visit this page.

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The Agan Family

When Lindsey and I began discussing locations for their family shoot she said she didn’t care where we shot as long as there was sun. The Agan family is from Washington where they don’t get a ton of sun. And seeing as I can’t always control the weather, this made me a little nervous. I always want sun for my shoots, but I really, really wanted some California sun for their shoot! We had yucky weather all week and thankfully we had a beautiful, sunny day for their shoot! Thank you weather Gods!

Lindsey is a super sweet Mom*tog reader.  They traveled down to Orange County to celebrate their son Ryder’s fifth birthday at Disneyland (lucky kid!) and snuck in a family shoot too.  I love meeting Mom*tog readers.  We always instantly click.  It’s like meeting an old friend.  It helps that Lindsey and Aaron’s kids are almost the same exact age as my kids.  We can relate on so many levels.  If only we could have just talked the entire time rather than taking pictures :)

Lindsey and Aaron are just the sweetest couple.  They met on Valentine’s day while they were both cardiac techs.  If that wasn’t meant to be, then I don’t know what is!  Shortly there after they moved across the state to further their education and the rest is history! Ryder is such an awesome boy.  He loves Star Wars more than anything (even though he’s never seen the movie!) and he talked my ear off the entire shoot :)  Jordyn is a sweet, sweet baby girl who loves “this little piggy” and kitties just like my baby girl.

Thanks for being SO much fun, Lindsey and Aaron!  I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with you and your family!  I hope you got some In N Out before you left!


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Sandy, Pete, and Baby Taylor

Dear Taylor,

I have known your Mommy for quite some time.  I first met her when I first moved into the Tri Delt house.  Let me tell you, moving into a house with a lot of girls who already know one another can be quite intimidating.  But, your mom was always so kind.  Always had a bright smile, a positive attitude, and a welcoming demeanor.  And she’s an H and H’s are cool.  Maybe one day you’ll know what that means :)

I have no doubts that your Mom and Dad are going to be amazing parents.  They are ready for you and have so much love to give.  I’m just not sure that they can comprehend yet how much joy you will truly bring them.  I don’t think anyone can comprehend it until they see your little face for the first time and hold you in their arms.  It’s an amazing journey and you are so lucky to have such wonderful and loving parents to hold your hand along the way.




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