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Emma Kate

I love nothing more than photographing 6 month old babies.  If I could just photography one thing it would be 6 month old babies.  They are so easy and so happy.  And they can’t move!

I photographed Emma Kate’s big sister for the first time when she was 6 months old.  I love seeing their similarities and differences.  I catch glimpses of Caroline in Emma Kate, but they are definitely their own person.  Caroline is such a sweet big sister.  It’s so fun to see.  They are both such happy and beautiful little ladies!

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Samantha, Jeff, and Baby?

After several week of bitterly cold weather (okay, it was in the 50′s but that’s cold for Orange County!) it warmed up in time for my first session of 2013! Thank goodness!  Samantha and Jeff are both originally from cold parts of the country so I was happy to have some beautiful sunshine for them!

Sam and Jeff are expecting their first baby this Spring.  And it’s a girl!  Sam is glowing and I know she is sick of people telling her that she’s tiny, but she’s tiny :)   Coming from someone who wasn’t so tiny when they were pregnant I jut admire a cute, little baby belly!

I am so excited for Sam and Jeff to be parents.  They are so in love with each other and I know they will be just as in love with their baby girl!  I can’t wait to photograph little baby Sprout in just a couple of months!

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The Armstrong Family

We searched high and low for a landscape designer for our backyard.  Any sort of landscape or interior design is just not my forte.  We were close to giving up when a friend recommended her sister in law.  And the second she walked in with her daughter, Goldie, I knew we had found her.  Anyone who names their daughter Goldie has to be cool.

Jacque is amazing.  She is so unbelievably talented at what she does.  It’s like she read my mind.  She even figured out a way to incorporate a chandlier into our yard.  Sold.  Jacque was so much fun to work with!

I was ecstatic to return the favor and shoot her family pictures.  The Armstrong family is rad.  That’s the only word I can use to describe them.  They are a laid back surfer family.  It was only natural to do their session at the beach.

I love photographing families who love to be together.  I’m always amazed by parents who have such happy kids that love each other so much.  I want all their secrets.  Because whatever they are doing is working!  I loved these kids and loved working with this family!


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