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Baby Tucker

Just a little over a year after they were married, little Baby Tucker arrived a couple of weeks ahead of schedule! Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal.  But, Nichole and Ryan were moving into a new house AND I was flying to Vegas to shoot their session.  I was a bit nervous Tucker wouldn’t cooperate for his shoot being an “older” newborn.  But, I had nothing to worry about.  He was perfect!  And their new house is amazing!

Nichole and Ryan are natural new parents.  They have two nieces and a nephew that live close by so they have had lots of practice!  I love newborn sessions because I have lots of time to chat with the parents.  It was so great to catch up with Nichole and Ryan.  They really seem more like old friends than clients.  I love that.

Congrats, Nichole and Ryan!  I hope you enjoy your new home before heading out on the road again!

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The Boretz Family – 2012

One engagement shoot, one wedding, one maternity shoot, and two newborn shoots later I am now shooting the Boretz family’s first session as a family of four.  Quite honestly I am shocked that they ever booked me again after their engagement session.  We shot at the beach and the tide was quite high that day.  They got hit by a rogue wave and were soaking wet their entire session!

But, that’s why I love working with them.  They have such a positive attitude about everything.

I have loved seeing Ashley and Tyson go from young and in love to becoming the greatest of parents.  And I love the way they still look at each other the same way they did 5 years ago.  They are still just as in love.  Actually, I think they are probably more in love than they were 5 years ago.

This hasn’t been the easiest year for this family.  They have had times of great happiness and times of extreme sadness.  But, I hope they know how much I admire their strength and support of one another.  Your kids are so lucky to have you!

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The Armstrong Family

The day of the Armstrong’s family shoot it was hot.  So we headed to the beach where we had absolutely perfect weather.  Perfect weather for a beautiful family.

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