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The Cilderman Family

How did I never blog this session?  This just shows how behind on blogging I really am.  I met the Cilderman family in May right before baby Brynn turned one.  Brynn and Ryland are very close in age to my kids.  I loved hunting for dinosaur eggs with Ryland.  He’s totally into the same things that Brayden is into.  And it was so fun to see Brynn waving and blowing kisses.  She’s only a couple of months older than Kennedy and I couldn’t imagine Kennedy doing those things back in May.  Sure enough she started waving and blowing kisses at 11 months just like Brynn!

Right after our shoot Heather and Matt found out they are expecting baby number 3!  I’m SO excited for them and that I get to shoot their maternity and newborn photos!  Not only do they make adorable kids, but they are also absolutely amazing parents.  Ryland and Brynn are really great kids and it takes great parents to raise great kids.  I have no doubt that the new baby will be just as amazing!

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