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Nicole and Jason

Nicole and Jason may be the most laid back couple I’ve ever worked with.  Nicole didn’t even need a consultation, which was so much appreciated as I was slammed with work at the time we were supposed to meet.

But, as luck would have it we met a couple of months later when we were both eating at the same restaurant and Nicole was seated right behind me!  What a small world, right?

Nicole and Jason are so sweet together.  I was trying to get Nicole to do a small, closed mouth smile.  But, she couldn’t do it!  She can’t help but smile big when she is with Jason.  I love how when Jason looks at Nicole you can feel how much he loves her.  And I love how much fun they have together.

I know their wedding is going to be so much fun!  I can’t wait for October!


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Mr and Mrs Dyer

Three weddings in three years for three amazing sisters.  I love how it feels like a family reunion when I get to see them.  I love how the dynamics are the same each time yet a little different.  I love getting to meet new family members and seeing their family grow.  I love documenting their love for one another.

Katherine and Justin were married on July 21 at the Los Angeles Library.  It is a stunning location and was so “them”.  Urban, yet classic and traditional.  Essentially it’s a photographers dream venue.

Kat and Justin are meant to be together.  Their love for one another is so evident and they made my job so easy.  The emotion during their first look and ceremony was so beautiful.  I found myself tearing up behind my camera several times.  And not only do they have so much love for one another, but they also have a mutual respect for each other.  Their relationship is so beautiful.

I am so going to miss working with this family next year.  I have loved, loved, loved getting to know the Grants and appreciate them always treating me like a member of their family.  But, as I said, I will come out of retirement for Janie, Anne, and Kate so make sure you call me!  ;)

For even more images please see the slideshow!

One of my favorite parts about getting ready is that Mr. Grant is always there with his girls.

You know you are a beautiful bride when a group of tourists wants a picture with you!

The newest Grant girl, Baby Elle!

This will go down as my most favorite first look ever.  Kat was crying.  Justin was crying.  I was crying!

I was trying to recreate a shot from Allison’s wedding.  I love when I try to recreate something, but it turns out even better than what I was envisioning.

Best groomsmen ever.  And Kevin won the award for the best best man ever.  And I’m not just saying that because he rolled my bag up the big hill for me ;)

I love how Justin’s mom and stepmom shared a napkin during the ceremony to wipe their tears.  It was so sweet.

Venue: Cafe Pinot at Los Angeles Public Library

Coordinator: Samantha Sisk of La Bella Dia (

Florist:  City of Commerce Flowers

DJ:  California Sounds

Chris Broulette


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Baby Kolton

I might be a little biased, but I think Kathy and Kyle should have a couple more babies.  Because the make cute ones!  Kolton was born on lucky Friday, July 13.  He looks so much like his big brother, Kylan.  And not Kylan as a baby.  But, Kylan as a 4 year old.  It’s crazy!

During one of Kolton’s feedings (the Kim kids are tiny, but eat a lot!) I took some pictures of Kylan and Kyrsten.  These images make me so happy because this is totally them.  Happy, silly, and crazy!

I’m so happy there is another Kim kid in this world!  I’m sure he is going to be just as amazing as the rest of his family!

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