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Wall Art Love Contest!

My fabulous friend, Laura Winslow, is the creator behind the Wall Art Wednesday series.  She finds the most inspirational wall art displays and shares them weekly.  Well, now she’s hosting a contest to find the best of the best wall displays.  And I know my clients have some great wall displays!  You can win tons of fabulous prizes!

And I just happen to be one of the judges!  So, if I see some of my pics in your display you may or may not get some extra points ;)

Find out how to enter the Wall Art Love contest here!


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The Winslow Family

It’s funny how small the photography community really is.  We all kind of know each other in some way or another.  I can’t remember how I first came across Laura’s work.  It may have been from her Wall Art Wednesday posts.  Or it could have been from her Mpix Pro ad.  Either way, I’ve always been a big fan of her work and have especially admired her commercial work.  Her work is so colorful and full of life.  And while a lot of photographers complain about the limitations of living in the desert, Laura always makes it look effortless and beautiful.

When Laura and her family headed out to my area for the Fourth of July holiday she asked if I could squeeze a family session in.  Me?  Out of all the amazing photographers in Orange County she asked me?  I almost said no because I was nervous.  But, I’m glad I didn’t.  Laura and her family were so much fun and I’m glad I finally got to meet her in person.  I can’t wait to get my family in front of her lens soon!

Jack has so many looks and expressions.  He is totally the kid of a photographer :)

I love the relationship Jack and Addie have.  I hope Brayden and Kennedy are that close.

Addie is a little ray of sunshine.  I love how she’s so serious yet so silly at the same time.

I don’t know why I love this pictures so much, but it cracks me up!

Big thanks to Chris Nelson for being a rad beach ball blower upper assistant :)

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Baby Xyla

Baby Xyla is the brand new baby girl of one of my college roommates, Beth.  Even though I have two kids of my own it’s still weird to me when my friends have babies.  I think we’re just too young to be having kids!  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were studying in the pit and memorizing Britney Spears’ dances that we videotaped off of SNL???

I don’t know Beth’s husband Scott as well as I know Beth.  But, from the time I spent with Xyla I would venture to say she is a lot like her mom.  She’s extremely smart, a wee bit stubborn, strong, and beautiful.  A future Bruin Tri Delt for sure!

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