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Baby Lucas

Already a stud at just a week old… Isn’t Baby Lucas just adorable?  I have a feeling this little guy is going to keep his parents on their toes!

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Andrea, Dana, and Baby Wiggie!

It honestly just seems like yesterday that I was shooting Andrea and Dana’s wedding.  I had just found out I was pregnant with Kennedy.  I hadn’t told anyone yet.  I packed up all my camera gear, smart waters, power bars and hoped that the baby wouldn’t slow me down.  Luckily, the day was perfect (except for a little fog) and I didn’t have a bit of morning sickness!

Now Andrea and Dana are having their own baby.  A boy that is due next month!  Andrea has the perfect little baby bump.  I could barely even see it with her stripped dress.  We shot their session at an estate on a private island in Newport Beach.  No big deal.  I’ve seen the house a lot as we have kayaked or boated around the harbor.  As I was walking on the island I quickly realized that we were shooting at THAT house.  That beautiful house that I’ve daydreamed what it would be like to live their a million times.  Andrea and Dana happen to be friends with the awesome and inviting owner of the home and they thought it would be such a unique location for their shoot.  It was a bit windy and the docks were rocking, but it was perfect!

I can’t wait to meet Baby Wiggie next month!

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Baby Juliette

One of my favorite couple of all time (I know!  I say that all the time, but I have a lot of favorite couples!) had a baby!  Ki and Andrew welcomed Baby Juliette at the beginning of April.  I was so worried for Ki because she is the tinniest little thing and I couldn’t imagine her with a big ol’ belly!  But, she did great and Juliette arrived right on schedule.

Juliette is a doll.  She’s just stunning.  Although she did pee all over me, but luckily I’m pretty used to that :)  I’d rather it be me than the parents!  There will be plenty of time for them to get peed on :)

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