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Sheela, Miji and Baby?

New moms are my favorite clients to photograph.  The excitement, nervous anticipation, cute baby bumps, and glowing mamas.  I love everything about new moms.

Sheela and Miji are expecting their first baby in just a few weeks.  A baby boy!  Sheela is just the tiniest little thing.  In her stripped dress you could barely see her bump when facing forward.  Miji is so sweet to her.  You can tell how good of a dad a guy will be by how concerned and caring he is towards his wife.  I can’t wait to meet their little man in just a few short weeks!

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Jamie’s Baby Bump

This being Jamie’s last pregnancy (or so she says), I wanted to document her growing bump for her.  It was a labor of love.  A chalkboard seemed easy enough at the beginning.  But, our little shoot somehow always took longer than it should.  It’s probably because whenever we get together without kids we talk.  A lot.

I missed her last bump shot at 39 weeks because little Declan decided to come a week early.  I was disappointed, but I think Jamie was quite happy!

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The Carson Family – 2012

Julie is the ultimate client.  I tell her what I want and she makes it happen.  A bed in a field?  No problem.  A party on the beach?  Easy.  A camping themed shoot complete with a VW bus?  NBD.

Each year our ideas get bigger and bigger and Julie pulls it off.  Her creativity and attention to detail astounds me.  She takes ordinary things and makes it all magical.  It’s all crazy when it’s happening.  The bus stalled several times.  The set up took longer than expected.  I was freaking out as I could see the sun setting behind the hill.  But, I guarantee you these kids will remember these shoots with fondness. Because we do actually have some fun beyond all the craziness!

And with all the craziness that goes on during these shoots Joy is never far from my mind. Joy would have been 10 this year. I have no doubt in my mind that it was Joy who led Julie to me 3 years ago. And while I wish more than anything Joy could be with us on Earth I am so thankful to her for bringing her mama and I together. I am so thankful for Julie’s friendship and support – the late night texting parties, teaching me to love my glue gun, crazy scouting adventures, road trips to scary Escondido (no offense to anyone from Escondido, we thought a nuke went off when we visited.  It was just a parade)… she’s like the sister that I never had. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without the Carson’s in it.

Here’s a little video I put together.  I’m no videographer, but I had fun with this little challenge :)


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