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Katherine and Justin

A few weeks ago I flew up to San Francisco to shoot Katherine and Justin’s engagement session.  You may recognize Kat because I have shot two of her sister’s weddings.  I love working with her family and I was ecstatic that she also asked me to photograph her wedding.

I was excited to shoot their session in San Francsico because it’s where they live and they love that city.  But, I’m not going to lie.  I’m not a huge fan on San Francisco.  Mainly because I associate the city with earthquakes.  Yes.  We get earthquakes down here.  But, in San Francisco bridges collapse during earthquakes.  And, also that darn “city by the bay” song plays in my head over and over again when I’m in San Francisco.

For Kat and Justin’s shoot we went ALL over the city.  They were my personal tour guides for the day.  It was a totally unique experience to spend so much time with my clients.  I loved it!  And their love for San Francisco made me hate the city a little less.  I even went over a bridge for them.  That says a lot!

I’m so looking forward to their July wedding!  For now, here are my favorites from their session!

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Nydia and Daniel

While discussing shooting locations with Nydia she said she wanted something urban, but natural as well.  Just a day later my friend Julie texted me pictures of an amazing location.  She said it was a 20 minute hike straight uphill.  And there might be mountain lions.  And we might die.  But, it will be SO cool.  When it comes to finding new and unique locations I’m up for anything!

We didn’t die.  And it was super rad.  And it didn’t take much convincing for Nydia and Dan to agree to do their shoot there.  I don’t think they really took me seriously when I told them it wasn’t an easy hike.  Dan may or may not have brought a backpack full of shoes :)

Nydia and Dan are high school sweethearts.  They’ve been together for a very long time and their entire families are very excited for this wedding.  I love how they can finish each other’s sentences.  I love how they have so much fun together.  And I love how Nydia makes fun of Dan for wearing white shoes to the graffiti pool :)

I can’t wait for their August wedding!  I know it’s going to be as amazing as the two of them!

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Baby B Maternity Session

I guess now is a good time to blog Natalie and Scott’s maternity pictures since their baby was born on Monday.  That’s how far behind I am, people!

I love working with Natalie and Scott!  I shot their wedding way back in 2008.  I have been waiting very patiently to get the news that Natalie is pregnant and was so excited when she came back to me for maternity pictures!

Natalie and Scott waited to find out what they were having and I honestly thought she was having a boy.  I was shocked to find out she was having a girl!  I can’t wait to meet baby Carrington this weekend!  I’m sure she will be just as gorgeous as her mommy!

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