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Nichole & Ryan

Nichole and Ryan met as college athelets at UNLV.  Nichole played soccer and Ryan was a golfer.  They dated awhile in college and then went their separate ways.  But, neither of them really ever got over the other.

Earlier this year they both decided they couldn’t live without the other.  They dated, quickly became engaged, and now get to travel the world together while Ryan plays golf.  How fun is that?

I love how they finish the others sentences.  I love the funny faces they make at each other.  I love the mutual admiration they have for one another.  Nichole and Ryan are meant to be together.

I’m very excited for their wedding next month!  Can you say Ferris wheel?  I mean, I’m excited for the wedding too, but I’m REALLY excited for the Ferris wheel :)

For now, here’s the slideshow!

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Baby Shane

Move over pink sparkles, dolls, and all things girly.  There’s a new man in town!  Mr. Shane was born to my great friend Julie on July 22 and was welcomed home by his 3 big sisters into their very girly home.  Poor little man even has to be changed on a pink changing pad!

Shane is perfect.  So serious, but absolutely perfect.  He barely made a peep during his shoot.  Even when his big sisters were loving all over him.  He took it like a champ.  And he’d better get use to it.  This little guy isn’t just going to have one Mama.  He’s going to have 3 other little mamas watching over him.

It’s so fun to see a boy come into this family!  I know Jason is ecstatic!

Here’s the slideshow!


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Chase is 1!

I can’t believe another year has passed.  And this little man is now 1!

Chase has always been a dream to shoot!  All of his shoots have been so easy.  He’s a very happy little man, which makes my job easy.  Always all smiles!

Happy birthday, Mr. Chase!  Can’t wait to see how much you grow and learn this year!

*** Cute signs from Joyful Joyful!

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