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What’s Cooking?

One of the best parts of my job is getting to help people announce and capture special moments and events in their lives.  And it’s even better when it’s for one of your best friends.  Watch this little video for a very fun announcement :)


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The Carson Girls

The day I found out I was pregnant, I was dying to tell someone.  Of course I told my husband.  Then I told my friend Jamie at her son’s birthday party.  But, we decided to wait to tell our parents and close friends until we saw them for Christmas… over 3 weeks away!  The next morning I texted my friend, Julie, like we do every day.  I think I said something random and then threw in, “Guess what?  I’m pregnant!”.  That night she texted me and said, “Me too!”.  I was so excited to have a pregnancy friend.  When I was pregnant with Brayden I didn’t know anyone else who was pregnant.  Julie said, “It’s sort of like Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson getting engaged on the same weekend.  Only way cooler!”.  She always has the best analogies.

Our original due dates were just a week a part.  At 14 weeks she snuck me into a hospital after hours to get an ultrasound to find out what we were having.  It was a little sketchy, but totally worth it because that was the first time I got to see I was having a baby girl.  I cried happy tears, but didn’t quite believe it until my next ultrasound at 18 weeks.  Julie had already found out the week before she was having a boy.  After 4 girls the Carson’s were finally getting their boy!

I’ve had so much fun being on this pregnancy journey with Julie.  Getting to help them announce to their friends and family that they were pregnant.  Telling the girls for the first time.  Announcing that she was having a boy.  Going out for ice cream cravings (even though she didn’t inform me until we were there that she wasn’t allowed to have carbs and then proceeded to throw up the following day).  And now, 37ish weeks later, Julie gets to meet her baby boy this Friday.  I’m so thrilled for them!

Julie doesn’t do maternity shoots or belly shots, but I thought it would be fun to do one last shoot of all the girls together before blue invades their pink, sparkly lives.  Doing something fun and girly together.  These girly girls had a bit of an issue getting dirty at first, but they loved it be the end!  To say their kitchen was a disaster at the end of the shoot is an understatement!

Julie, I know you’re a little bit nervous about being the mom to a boy.  But, I promise it’s amazing.  Boys love their mama’s with all their hearts.  You’re walking into a whole new world of trains, baseballs, farts, dinosaurs, cars, and wee wee jokes.  And it’s fun.  I pinky promise.  Just remember to point the wee wee down in the diaper.  Took me awhile to figure that one out :)   This baby is going to be the luckiest boy in the world coming into your family.  I can’t wait to meet him!  Here’s the slideshow!

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The Willard Family

Jackie and Scott first met while working together at Sport Chalet.  Scott was Jackie’s manager and she always thought he was cute.  After Jackie and Scott stopped working together they continued to hang out.  One night Scott kissed Jackie and they both immediately knew it was meant to be!

6 years later and now they are married and have a 7 month old boy named Evan.  He is adorable!  So smiley and happy!  He reminds me of a little weeble wobble :)   He’s just learning how to sit and would slowly, slowly start tipping to one side.  Lucky for us it was slow so someone would catch him every time!  Then he would sit back up again with the same happy smile.  He obviously has parents that love him very much!

Jackie is a great photographer in the Sacramento area.  It’s always a huge honor (and a little nerve wracking!) when another photographer chooses me to take their pictures.  There’s not a shortage of talented photographers in Orange County, and I really appreciate you picking me, Jackie!  I had so much fun getting to know you and your family!  Here’s your slideshow!

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