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Mr and Mrs Blackmon

Last Spring I shot Nancy and Eric’s wedding.  And when I saw that Nancy’s sister, Allison, was engaged I kept my fingers crossed that she would contact me to shoot her wedding.  I was so excited when she did!  I just loved working with her family so much and I knew it would be a day full of love with very little stress.

My favorite part of Nancy’s wedding was how it was just Nancy, her sisters, and her parents that got ready together.  It felt like they were just at home getting ready to go out to dinner or to a movie.  It was so cool to see their family dynamic.  For Allison’s wedding they all got ready at Nancy’s house and it was the same easy going vibe.  I don’t know what Mr and Mrs Grant did when they were raising their children, but I can only hope that my kids will be as close.

Allison’s Grandma, Dotie, lent Allison her charm bracelet from childhood.  Allison loved it as a girl.

Everyone who saw Allison’s shoes fell madly in love with them.  I wanted to take them home with me!

First looks are my favorite!

We had the most incredible blue sky on their wedding day whenever the sun decided to peek out.

Cutest ringbearer.  Ever.

I love how Grant’s brother is wearing Allison’s wedding band on his pinky.

Allison’s sisters give the best toasts.

Dotie and Poppa are my favorite.  They are SO in love after all of these years.  They make me happy. Congratulations, Allison and Grant!  I am so happy to have been part of your day!  Here’s your slideshow!

Venue:  Oakmont Country Club – Glendale

Coordinator:  Samantha Sisk – La Bella Dia –

Florist:  Commerce Flowers

DJ:  California Sounds

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The Nine Family

How do you shoot a family picture when an important member of the family isn’t there?

I was worried about this.  Worried about there being such a huge hole in the heart of this family.  Worried about him not being there.

But he was there.

I saw him in Alec’s goofiness and quirky smile.

I saw him in Jilli’s perfect freckles and joy for life.

I saw him in Tina’s strength and the fiercness for which she loves her children.

He will always live on in this beautiful family.

Thank you, Tina for letting my capture your family.  Your strength and love for your children is so evident.  Here’s your slideshow.

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Soul 4 the South

In recent weeks the South has been hammered by the worst storms and tornadoes to hit the area since the 1970′s and then ravaged by historic floods. With over 300 people losing their lives and thousands left homeless, the devastation from these tragic events has been weighing heavily on my heart. I wanted to do something BIG to help the people who were directly effected. Together with Angie Sandy, from Photo Card Boutique, and nearly 30 generous sponsors we have come together together to form Soul 4 the South. This virtual gift basket totals over $3700 in prizes!!!

We have chosen Beremedy as the charity, which will benefit from the fundraiser. Beremedy is located in Atlanta, Georgia. They are close to the destruction and are able to assess who urgently needs aid. 100% of the donations will go directly to the flood and tornado victims!

Photo Card Boutique and Mom*tog have two separate virtual gift baskets, which are similar, but do contain some different prizes. You can enter both PCB’s giveaway and Mom*togs giveaway, but they do require two separate entries (click here to go to PCB’s blog to enter that giveaway).

Today is the last day to enter! With just a $10 donation you can win prizes like a Shootsac, lifetime membership to Clickin Moms, Photoshop Adobe Lightroom, a silent seat in Bloom Workshops last workshop of the year, a gift package from Savvy Photographer and SO much more!

Can you spare $10 to help those in need?  If so, please click here to donate!  And to those that have already donated, THANK YOU!

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