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Baby Chase – 6 Months

I LOVE shooting babies around 6 months.  Right when they start sitting up, but aren’t quite crawling yet.  It’s my favorite stage as a photographer and also a mom.  Babies always seem so happy at that stage.  Smiley and happy!

This cute little guy happens to be the baby of my friend, Jill.  And you might remember Chase from his newborn pictures.  He’s changed a lot in 6 months!  He’s SO happy and such an easy baby.  I had no problem at all getting him to give me his cute, gummy smiles!

I had fun recreating this shot from his newborn session:

He loved the carriage :)

Here are a few more of my favorites!

I have special rates for babies around this age because they are just so much fun!  Email me if you’re interested in booking a shoot for your little one!

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Cameron and Annabelle

As soon as I heard that Annabelle was looking for a vintagey location with a barn for her engagement shoot, I thought of Condor’s Nest Ranch. I had seen the location used for weddings a couple of times and knew it would be perfect. I was not disappointed at all! The location was just perfect for Cameron and Annabelle. Cameron grew up on a farm in Idaho and Annabelle loves that about him. We had barns, tractors, all kinds of animals, and even trailers and claw foot tubs! We had so much fun!

Cameron is the third Murray kid who’s wedding I will shoot. I shot his older brother Matt’s wedding almost three years ago in Idaho. Kendall will be getting married this October. And now Matt in November! I’m so honored to get to shoot all of their weddings. And I do apologize for calling Cameron Matt for most of the shoot. They look alike! And it doesn’t help that Kendall’s fiance is also named Matt!

Cameron and Annabelle are just too cute together. All they have to do is look at one another to make each other laugh. Their relationship is so fun and playful. It’s evident how in love they are and was so easy to capture. I can’t wait for their wedding day! Here’s the slideshow!

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It’s a…

Posting this here for those of you who haven’t seen it yet over on Mom*tog.  Enjoy :)

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