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Baby Luke

Loving all these babies that I have to shoot in my new studio!

Luke was 11 days old at his shoot.  A little older than I like to shoot, but he was a total champ.  Actually, his mom, Becky, was the champ.  You don’t even want to know what she did to get him to sleep for some of these shots!  She is my new hero!

The whole family was so patient and easy to work with.  Even big brother Aidan did a great job.  He got to hold him for the very first time during the shoot.  Such a special moment!

Can’t wait to photograph this family more in the future!  Here are a few of my favorites!

Big Brother Aidan holding Luke for the very first time!

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Oh, Baby!

Between Mom*tog, Facebook, and Twitter I’m pretty sure the majority of people know this.  But, for those that don’t…

Baby Bittel #2 is coming this August!  We’re super excited!  Especially Brayden.  He can’t wait to be a big brother!

What this means for my clients – I will be taking maternity leave from mid July through October 1st.  As of right now I plan on taking a very limited number of sessions in the Fall.  If you know you want family pictures I would suggest booking ASAP.  Dates are already booking up.  Please book early!  I hate having to turn people away!

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Baby Grace

If you follow me on Twitter or over on Mom*tog then you already know that I got a studio! It was a huge step and one that I contemplated for a long time. I wanted a studio so I had a place to shoot newborns. I was shooting a lot of my sessions in my “home studio”. I’m using quotes for that because it wasn’t much of a studio. It’s a teeny, little room that gets AMAZING light, but it was just too small. I feel like the whole lease signing process moved so fast because I knew I had two newborns and I wanted to make sure it was semi ready to shoot them there. One of those newborns is Baby Grace! Just 5 days after I signed the lease we shot her session there!

Grace was just 5 days old at this shoot. She had a nice, long drive from Oceanside so she was up and ready to go for most of the shoot :) I love shooting newborns because they are all so different and unique. I loved the way Grace loved to move her arms all around. It was too cute! You can tell she loves to be swaddled! And I enjoyed getting to know her parents as well. They are so in love with their little baby girl!

Here are a few of my favorites!

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