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The Carson Family – 2011

“One Joy scatters a hundred griefs.” – A Chinese Proverb

I’m not sure what birthday parties look like in heaven.  I’m guessing they involve an unlimited supply of cupcakes, pink balloons, and lots of love and laughter.  So, I’m sure little Joy was smiling down on her beautiful family as they celebrated her with all of those things on what would have been her ninth birthday.

What’s amazing to me is how many lives Joy has touched (if you don’t know Joy’s story you must go read it here).  And it’s not the tragedy of her too short life that touches people.  It’s the way her family chooses to remember her and celebrate that life.  It’s inspiring and uplifting.  It makes you a better person to know their Joy.

I’m lucky that this is the third year I’ve gotten to celebrate Joy’s birthday with the Carsons.  It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm January day on the beach.  This year was so much fun because this is the first time that Janey, who just turned 2, could walk and talk on our shoot.  I love her little voice!  It’s crazy to have first shot her when she was just a few weeks old and now she’s a full fledged toddler!  And of course it was so much fun hanging out with Haley and Lulu.  I love that I’m their Auntie Drew and they are as excited to see me as I am to see them!

I don’t know what I would do without the Carsons friendship and support.  Julie always seems to know the exact right time to text me to check in or send a word of encouragement.  She’s like the big sister I never had.  Her support means the world to me and I’m so happy that Joy brought us together.  Because I really do think it’s Joy that brought us together.

Happy birthday, Joy!  Here’s your slideshow!

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16 copy

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28 copy

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29 copy

30 copy

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Laura & Tim

I shouldn’t like Laura.  Not only did we go to rival high schools, but we also went to rival colleges (she’s a Trojan!).  But, surprisingly, I do like her.  She’s a little quiet and shy at first, but she is a totally sweet girl and you can tell that she is a great friend.

Then I met Tim and I liked Laura even more.  Tim brings out the best in Laura.  I met him for the first time at this session and Laura just glows when she is with him.  And Tim only has eyes for her.  When she talks he looks at her like she’s the only girl in the room.  He not only has so much love for her, but you can tell he has a lot of respect for her as well.  They make a great team.

Tim and Laura met on Myspace (before the good old days of Facebook) through a mutual friend five years ago.  They had their first date at Starbucks.  So,  naturally, we had to go back to where it all started!

I’m so sad that I’m not available to shoot their wedding, but I appreciate Laura and Tim’s understanding.  How sweet they’ve been has made me even more sad that I’m not able to be there.  I know it will be an amazing day!  How could it not be when two people are so in love?  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_8670copy copy

IMG_8630copy copy

IMG_8645copy copy

IMG_8777copy copy

IMG_8814copy copy

IMG_9076copy copy

IMG_9157copy copy

IMG_9175copy copy

IMG_9194copy copy

IMG_9269copycopy copy

IMG_9294copy copy

IMG_9413copy copy

IMG_9424copy copy

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My Best Friend’s Wedding

A couple of weeks ago we took an awesome vacay to Oahu.  But, it was more than just a vacay.  One of my very best friends got married!  It was such a fun trip.  Getting to see old sorority friends and spend time with them.  It was just like the good ol’ college days :)

Nichole, or Cho as we affectionatly call her, married Kit.  They dated for a second in high school and lost touch as they both went off to college.  Fast forward 10 years.  Cho was in the middle of her peds residency at Stanford (I know, she’s smart) and she came down to Southern California for her 10 year reunion.  She almost didn’t even go.  But Cho and my other good friend, Christy, went.  There she reconnected with Kit and they spent the whole night in their own little world.  The next day Kit sent Christy an email (which she saved and read during her awesome toast at the reception) asking Christy if he really had a shot with Nichole.  Obviously, he did.

I wasn’t the wedding photographer, but I had a great time helping Nichole find the perfect one for her.  They hired Natalie Norton for their big day (can’t wait to see the pics!).  I was lucky enough to hang out with Nichole and Christy as they got ready and snapped a few pictures.  That was really special for me because Nichole was one of my bridesmaids and I was so excited I got to be there with her on her big day.  I took just a few pictures during the ceremony (because I didn’t want to be that annoying “Uncle Bob” with a fancy camera!).  Most of them I took from my chair so I didn’t get in the way (and so my husband didn’t get mad at me!).

The day couldn’t have been more perfect.  Well, if the officiant would have shown up I suppose that would have made it the perfect day.  It’s okay.  They found a replacement pretty quick.  That’s another story though :)  Turtle Bay is the perfect backdrop for a wedding.  Big thanks to Nichole and Kit for giving us a reason to take a trip there!  Who wants to have a fun destination wedding next year?

IMG_7963copy copy

After I took this picture I had to walk away because I started to tear up and didn’t want Cho to see me.  It’s when it really hit me that she was getting married and I felt so lucky to be there!

IMG_7990copy copy

Nichole and her mom

IMG_8004copy copy

One of the super cute flower girls

IMG_8011copy copy

I loved Nichole’s super simple J Crew dress.  It was totally  her.

IMG_8019copy copy

IMG_8025copy copy

The sunglasses / favors were a hit!

IMG_8051copy copy

At the rehearsal the night before, the flower girls wouldn’t practice walking down the aisle because they said it wasn’t really a wedding and they knew how to do it!  They were still a little hesitant on the wedding day :)

IMG_8168copycopy copy

I loved their aisle.  One of the prettiest flower aisles I’ve ever seen!

IMG_8192copycopy copy

IMG_8199copycopy copy

I’m so proud of this picture!  At the rehearsal I gave Cho and Kit explicit instructions to look happy and look at each other when walking back down the aisle.  I hate it when couples look at me or look like a deer caught in headlights when they walk back down the aisle.  Cho and Kit did perfect!  I love the way Kit is looking at Nichole!

IMG_8212copy copy

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