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I’m thankful for my little guy and his two BFF’s, Dakota and Kylan.  These kids have been friends since they were 6 months old.  Not only am I thankful for these awesome kids, but also for their mommies and the friendship that we have!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Metcalf Family

I was fortunate enough to shoot this family not once, but twice this year!  I love working with the Metcalfs.  They are fun and easy going and just want to capture their family the way they are.  Lily is just a month older than my son and it’s fun to see their similarities.  When I shot their session in January, Lily was very shy and serious.  She’s a super fun and happy girl, she’s just more serious than your average two year old.  I’ve been keeping up with Lily on her mom’s facebook and I was excited to see that she was enjoying taking pictures much more lately.  Man, oh, man.  What a difference 10 months makes!  It took a few minutes, but once I figured out what made Lily  happy it was a piece of cake.  I love these images and I hope you do as well, Missy and Jeff!  It was such a pleasure working with your family again!  Here’s your slideshow!

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Mr and Mrs Lee

The day of Amy and Louis’ wedding clouds loomed overhead.  And they looked like they really wanted to rain.  I kept my fingers crossed all day and luckily there was no rain.  Still cloudy, but no rain.  And then, as we started to take Amy and Louis’ pictures, the sun miraculously appeared.  It was like someone was watching over them and knew just when to call in that special favor.  It was perfect.

Amy and Louis are so much fun to be around.  They are fun and silly and just so in love.  They made my job easy!  And their coordinator, Nellie from Pleasant Surprise Events, also made my job easy.  The weddings that I’ve worked with Nellie are always so calm and pleasant.  I like that.  And I love when my couples have great coordinators because that means I don’t have to be the coordinator too!

Congratulations to Amy and Louis!  I wish you many, many years of happiness together!  Here’s your slideshow!

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03 copy

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06 copy

Amy and Louis were married at Crossline Community Church in Laguna Hills.  They have the prettiest church grounds I have ever photographed.  Plus, they also have the nicest and most accomodating staff I have worked with.

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10 copy

Have I mentioned that I love when couples have first looks?  Since Louis walked Amy down the aisle and it was dark after their ceremony ended they opted for a first look.

11 copy

12 copy

This is right when the sun started peeking out.  Perfect timing!

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20 copy

This is why I love Amy and Louis so much!

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Reception was held at Pacific Hills Banquet and Catering

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Amy and Louis love the Lakers and it’s conveniently their initials as well!

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Louis and his friends serendanded Amy to Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.  So sweet and so funny at the same time!

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