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The Wood Family

After having an unusually cool summer we all knew that at some point we would have a heat wave in Fall.  What we didn’t know is that we would have the hottest day recorded for Los Angeles… ever!

I knew it would be hot at our shoot, but I figured by the time we started shooting it would be in the 90′s, which is doable.  Cristina and I chatted earlier in the day and opted to go forward with the shoot because they are from Northern California and it was their last day here.  As I’m driving down the freeway to their shoot, my thermostat kept going up.  105.  112.  115.  It finally stopped at 117 degrees.  117!  I called Cristina, panicked, because I was worried about her two little ones.  Still we decided to go for it and see what happened.

I couldn’t have asked for a better family to work with on the hottest day ever!  Although we were all sweating bullets on the outside, Cristina and Mike totally kept their cool.  Which, in turn, kept the kids happy.  I know a lot of people would have complained the whole time, but I never heard one single complaint out of them.  Not one!  And that made it fun!

At the end of the shoot Brian said, “You know, I really think it’s cooled down a lot!”.  I said that I think we had just gotten used to it.  It was still 102 degrees when I got in my car!

Hopefully I will get to work with this family again on a much cooler day and I’m excited what we can do then because I think these turned out pretty awesome!  Here’s the slideshow!

PS  Cristina is an AMAZING jewelry designer.  Check out here work here!

IMG_4232copy copy

During our shoot I was plotting how I was going to run away with this chair.  Cristina’s mom found it at a garage sale!  But, it was way to hot to run let alone run with a very big chair :)

IMG_4237copy copy

IMG_4469copy copy

IMG_4654copy copy

IMG_4757copy copy

IMG_4895copy copy

IMG_4993copy copy

IMG_5027copy copy

IMG_5190copy copy

IMG_5321copy copy

I love when we can make time to do some shots of Mom and Dad alone!

IMG_5418copy copy

IMG_5450copy copy

IMG_5520copy copy

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Mr and Mrs Smith

Allison and Ryan were married on September 25.  Which also happened to be one of the hottest days of the year.  Good thing they were married in Laguna Beach.  It was only in the low nineties there.  They were married at the Surf and Sand Resort.  It was fun taking their pictures there because that happens to be the hotel where I got ready and took my pictures on my wedding day.  We’ve spent a lot of our anniversaries there and even our babymoon :)

Besides all the beautiful details of the day, I loved the emotions.  Allison was a little nervous before the ceremony.  But, it was a good nervous.  I just love when you can feel how excited a bride is to see her groom for the first time.  When you can sense that this is the day she’s been waiting for her entire life.  I love when the groom is just as nervous as the bride.  And I love it when they see each other for the first time and all the nerves go out the window and you can sense their relief that they are so happy to be together.

Allison picked so many of my favorite vendors for her wedding day!  I was so very excited to finally get a chance to work with Treasured Petal.  Their flowers are amazing!

04 copy

Allison’s niece was the cutest.  Their relationship is really special.  You can just tell she adores Allison!  She was probably the most excited flower girl I’ve ever seen.

06 copy

10 copy

Carina from Flawless Faces made sure Allison and all of her girls looked amazing!

11 copy

Allison had her grandmother’s ring tied to her bouquet.

12 copy

13 copy

14 copy

18 copy

19 copy

24 copy

Love what Treasured Petal did with the flower girl basket and the ring bearer “pillow”

25 copy

IMG_2095copy copy

IMG_1083copy copy

27 copy

Both Allison’s dad and Ryan were in the Marines.  They wore their Marine Corps dress blues and I love how the colors pop!

29 copy

30 copy

32 copy

35 copy

I started tearing up when Alison’s father and Ryan saluted each other.  It was an awesome moment.

37 copy

39 copy

40 copy

Both Allison and Ryan were very emotional before and during the ceremony.  Ryan was trying so hard not to cry :)  It was very sweet.

41 copy

45 copy

46 copy

48 copy

51 copy

52 copy

54 copy

55 copy

56 copy

57 copy

59 copy

A surprise military sword arch!  So fun!

62 copy

64 copy

Yes.  Ryan cut the cake with his sword!  And it’s a real sword.  I asked.  It could cut you.

72 copy

Jason from Visions Entertainment kept the party rocking!

76 copy

77 copy

I’m super excited to see the wedding day video from Epoch Productions!

Lots, lots, lots more pictures on the slideshow!

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The Secoda Family

I got to know Krista earlier this year when she did a mentoring session with me and I was so excited when she asked me to do her family pictures!  She wanted to have them taken at Rancho Las Lomas, which is where her and her husband, Joe, were married almost 5 years ago.  It rained on their wedding day so they weren’t able to take full advantage of the grounds (and there’s lots to take advantage of there!).  As luck would have it, it nearly rained on our shoot.  Krista and Joe are used to gloomy weather though because it rained on the day both of their girls were born as well.  Don’t they say rain on your wedding day is good luck?  So it must be good luck on the day your children are born and your family shoot!  Here’s the slideshow!

01 copy

04 copy

07 copy

09 copy

02 copy

10 copy

11 copy

12 copy

14 copy

16 copy

18 copy

23 copy

22 copy

19 copy

20 copy

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