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Baby Chase

Baby Chase’s mama, Jill, was so convinced that she was going to have her little guy early.  Her first daughter, Cami, came a few weeks early and you always hear that the second baby comes earlier than the first.  Jill was dilated to a 4 for a week or so before her little guy decided to make an appearance.  I was so worried that she was going to not make it to the hospital and would end up having him on the freeway!  Luckily, she went into labor in the middle of the night and Baby Chase was born safely at the hospital :)  This little guy is a chunker, 8 pounds, 9 ounces and 21.5 inches long!  He’s an awesome baby.  Well, awesome until he decided to poop all over my studio!  He managed to not get any on me or his mama, but it got everywhere else!  Thank goodness for Clorox wipes :)

Congrats, Jill, Brandon, and big sister Cami!  He’s perfect!

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IMG_5499copy copy

IMG_5511copy copy

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Allison and Grant

There are lots of reasons why I think Allison and Grant are cool.  But, the number one reason is because Allison’s last name is Grant.  And she’s marrying a guy whose name happens to be Grant.  When she gets married she won’t be Allison Grant anymore, but there will always be Allison and Grant :)  I think that’s cool.  Almost as cool as when my friend Jill got married and her name became Jill Gill!

Allison and Grant went to high school together and started dating when they both attended Cal State Northridge.  Grant proposed to Allison on a beach not far from the one we shot on in Malibu.

Allison is the sister of one of my past clients, Nancy, who got married in May.  I’m SO excited to work with this family again.  I was secretly keeping my fingers crossed that Allison would call me to shoot her wedding when I saw that she was engaged.  It worked!  Can’t wait for next June to work with the Grant family as well as meet Grant’s family!  Here’s the slideshow!

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0023 copy

0026 copy

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Kendall and Matt

I first met Kendall when she was a bridesmaid in her older brother’s wedding a couple of years ago.  When I got an email a few weeks ago that she was engaged and wanted me to be her photographer I was so excited!  I love her family and am super excited to be working with them again next October!

Kendall and her fiancee, Matt, met at the local Starbucks where Matt works.  Kendall’s Mom met Matt first and knew that he would be perfect for her.  After an entire year of her mom harassing her (her words, not mine) to go in and meet him she reluctantly did.  She admits that she didn’t like him at first, but after the awkward conversations and once they got to know each other better Matt’s goofy attitude and love of life made Kendall not only fall in love with him, but also helped her to love herself.  In her words, “One of the things he has taught me is that I don’t need to take everything so seriously. I used to laugh at the idea that a guy could truly love a woman regardless of what she looked like. I found the guy that made me believe that is possible.”

Matt says of Kendall, “Kendall is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. From the moment when I met this seemingly shy in a nut shell girl, I was infatuated and curious. Much to my surprise when she actually agreed to go out with a dork like me. She was completely different than the kind of girl I thought was my type and feel so happy about our life together. I have everything a guy can dream of, a beautiful woman who will stand by me, laugh at my jokes, level headed, low maintenance…..Jack pot! =)”

I guess Mom is always right!  They are indeed perfect for each other!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_8725copy copy

IMG_8740copy copy

IMG_8831copy copy

IMG_9128copy copy

IMG_9222copy copy

IMG_9248copy copy

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