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Hawaii With Diana

I took my Diana camera with me on our recent vacation to Maui. The Diana is a toy camera, much like a Holga. They are totally unpredictable and are known for their light leaks and problems with film advancement (which I obviously had!). These images are far from perfect, but I think that’s why I love them so much!

0001910_0001910-R1-E006 copy copy

0001910_0001910-R1-E008 copy copy

0001910_0001910-R3-E023 copy copy

0001910_0001910-R3-E025 copy copy

0001910_0001910-R3-E032 copy copy

0001910_0001910-R3-E033 copy copy

0001910_0001910-R1-E005 copy copy

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Salena, Mark, and Baby Ava

Salena and Mark are high school sweethearts.  Mark couldn’t wait to marry Salena so he proposed to her in 2004 in a park that Salena played in as a little girl.  But, both Salena and Mark are ambitious people who wanted to finish school and start their careers before getting married.  After Salena graduated from nursing school and Mark graduated from the police academy, they were married after a three year engagement.  Now, three years later, they are starting their family and will be welcoming Baby Ava in September!

I met Salena at Ashley’s wedding in 2008 and I loved how welcoming she was.  Salena and Ashley are best friends and I think it’s so fun that they got to be pregnant together!  Salena had Mark and I cracking up during the entire shoot.  I would tell her to turn her head to the left and she would turn it right.  I would tell her to turn it right and she would turn it to the left.  I’m going to blame it on pregnancy brain :)  Mark and Salena are so open with one another and so trusting.  It’s an awesome thing to see!

Congratulations Salena and Mark!  I can already tell how much you love your baby girl!  She is a lucky little lady to come into this world with so much love already!  Here’s your slideshow!

21 copy

03 copy

06 copy

08 copy

09 copy

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12 copy

15 copy

17 copy

18 copy

19 copy

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I am here…

I am here.

IMG_0564copy copy

My most favorite place in the whole entire world.  With my most favorite people in the entire world.


Enjoying amazing sunsets.  Beautiful rainbows.  Endless stars.

IMG_0556copy copy

Swimming until our fingers get wrinkly.  Eating too much ice cream.  And going on adventures every single night.

IMG_0799copy copy

I will be back next week with beautiful people celebrating beautiful moments in their lives.  If you’re really bored and can’t wait until then you can check our Romy and Ryan’s feature on Style Me Pretty and/or the guest bloggers over on Mom*tog.  See you soon!

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