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Mr and Mrs Ramirez

Alan knew from the moment he saw Vanessa that he was going to marry her.  And on June 19 he did just that.  Vanessa and Alan were married at the Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills Golf Course.  On a side note, I have special memories of this venue because I grew up going to Cotillion there and being forced to learn the Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha Cha with my now husband (along with other boys) and my table manners in elementary school and junior high :)  It has since been remodeled and looks gorgeous!

Enough about me.  Back to Vanessa and Alan!  There are two things that stuck out to me about their day.  First, I love how personal the whole day was.  Their friend Mike married them, which I loved!  It makes the ceremony so much more about the couple rather than when a stranger marries you.  He even borrowed his Mom’s bible for the occasion!  In lieu of favors for their wedding guests they made a donation to an animal shelter in their guests names because their dogs are such a huge part of their lives.  And instead of just one song for their first dance they had two.  One traditional and one fast paced Latin song.  They are great dancers!

The second thing that I remember about the day were the emotions.  Vanessa had a strict no tears policy and said that crying is for funerals, not weddings.  She tried very hard to hold it together, but I caught her crying on two separate occassions.  The first was when her sisters gave an emotional toast.  And the second was during the father daughter dance.  Both Vanessa and her father were trying so hard to hold back the tears!  It was a very sweet moment.

Thank you to Sheetal for referring Vanessa and Alan to me!  I have had a great time getting to know them both!  I hope the honeymoon to Jamaica was amazing!  Here’s the slideshow!

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03 copy

06 copy

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19 copy

23 copy

24 copy

25 copy

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29 copy

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Kendall is One!

When you’re a little girl you always talk and think about, “One day when I’m married…” and “When I have my own kids…” and it’s crazy to think that that time is now.  Life just goes by in the blink of an eye.  It really hits me just how fast life goes by when I reconnect with an old friend and get to meet their own family.

Kari and I first met on the soccer field.  Razzmatazz in fifth grade if I remember correctly.  We grew up on the soccer fields together and were friends through junior high and high school.  She used to pick me up in her purple Honda Civic because I was the very last one to turn 16.  We went to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm together and bonded because we were practically the only kids in our grade who didn’t like to party.  But, then she went off to college in Idaho and we eventually lost touch until we ran into each other a couple of years ago and now stay in touch thanks to good old Facebook :)

Kari and her husband Roger had their first baby last summer and I was so honored when Kari asked me to take her one year pictures.  It was my first time getting to meet Kendall and she is adorable and perfect and everything I would expect from Kari’s daughter.  It’s just crazy to me that we have kids!  Weren’t we just graduating from high school?

Thank you again Kari for letting me capture this special time in Kendall’s life!  It was great seeing you and catching up.  Let’s not let years go by before we do it again!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_7116copy copy

IMG_7273copy copy

IMG_7363copy copy

IMG_7701copy copy

IMG_7801copy copy

IMG_7879copy copy

IMG_7929copy copy

IMG_7965copy copy

IMG_7983copy copy

IMG_8191copy copy

IMG_8304copy copy

IMG_8357copy copy

IMG_8389copy copy

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Andrea and Dana

Andrea and Dana have been together for four years.  They met after mutual friends introduced them at their favorite breakfast hang out.  Dana says they met before that, but Andrea only remembers meeting him that morning :)  After a few years of dating, a puppy, and a new house together Dana unexpectedly proposed on a trip to Catalina.  I shouldn’t say unexpectedly because they always knew they were going to get married, but Andrea thought he would propose after their house was done being built.  Dana even enlisted the help of two of Andrea’s friends to find out exactly what kind of engagement ring she wanted.  How awesome is that?

I love how Andrea and Dana make each other laugh.  Whether it’s trying to figure out how to fly a kite (you would think it would be easy, right?  Yeah, not so much.  That’s why there are no pictures of kites!  We finally decided it wasn’t windy enough.) or lovingly teasing one another, you can really tell that these two are the best of friends.

Andrea is a girl after my own heart.  Not only does she have a rad name (yes, my real name is Andrea), she also is an aspiring photographer and loves cupcakes.  She was even sweet enough to bring Chuck and I cupcakes and brought Brayden a cookie.  How thoughtful is she?

Andrea and Dana are getting married on December 11, which also happens to be my husband’s birthday!  It’s sure to be a great day!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_3655copy copy

IMG_3681copy copy

IMG_3736copy copy

IMG_3829copy copy

IMG_3926copy copy

IMG_3947copy copy

IMG_4077copy copy

IMG_4129copy copy

IMG_4316copy copy

IMG_4378copy copy

IMG_4430copy copy

IMG_4494copy copy

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