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Models Needed!

I feel like I’m doing a lot of these posts lately :)  This time I’m looking for a family that has 4 or 5 children.  Preferably older kids who can take direction (5 and older).  If there is one younger child that could work.  Cousins could also work.  I just want the kids to be comfortable with each other.  Just the kids will be photographed, not the parents.  The shoot will take place Wednesday 3/24 or Thursday 3/25 in the Brea / Fullerton area around 5pm.  Please email a picture and the ages of your children to  Thanks in advance!

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Megan Ann Photography

When another photographer contacts you to shoot their pictures it’s very flattering, but at the same time super nerve wracking.  Photographers know what they want and it puts a lot of pressure to do something fun and creative.  But, it’s also very flattering because out of all the amazing photographers in Southern California they are picking you to shoot their pictures!

I met Megan about a year ago.  She signed up to do a mentoring session with me and we had so much fun!  Megan’s business has really grown over the past year and she’s just about finished with a new blog and branding.  How exciting!

We had a ton of fun on this shoot!  What’s really funny though is that Megan lost her keys at the very beginning of the shoot.  We can laugh about it now, but it wasn’t funny at the time!  We looked for them for a few minutes, but we were losing light so I told her she just had to forget about it and focus!  The gates to the area we were shooting in closed at 5.  Once we were done shooting we had about 30 minutes to take down the props and find the keys.  We couldn’t find them anywhere!  As Megan was calling a dealership to see if she could get a new set of keys I found them!  And right at that time the guard was coming to close the gate!  It was a close call!

If you’re in the San Diego area definitely check out Megan’s site for your next family session or wedding.  Not only is she an awesome photographer she’s also a very sweet and caring person who puts a lot of thought into everything she does.  Thank you for choosing me, Megan, for your headshots.  It’s an absolute honor!  Oh, and thanks for the Sprinkles Cupcake!  Yummy!

*** And special thanks to Carina from Flawless Faces for doing such an amazing job on Megan’s makeup!

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Sara and Brian

Sara and Brian went to high school together.  They were friends all four years.  And then, after graduation, something felt different and they started dating.  Six years, 1 cat, and 2 dogs later they got engaged on a trip to Chicago.  In front of Buckingham Fountain (the fountain from Married With Children because that’s how I knew it :) .

Sara’s smile is infectious.  Even shy and reserved Brian who I don’t think loved being in front of the camera could resist Sara’s smile and giggle.  They bring out the best in each other.  And you can see that they have a history together.

Sara and Brian are getting married this July at Strawberry Farms in Irvine on their 7 year dating anniversary!  How special is that?  And it also happens to be the day after my 5 year wedding anniversary and the 12 year anniversary of when Chuck and I met in Maui!  Good date!  Until then here’s the slideshow!

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