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Laycee’s Day With Drew

Laycee is a brand new photographer who just started last October.  Not only is she a photographer, but she is a Mom to a 20 month old boy AND pregnant with baby number two AND she is going to school AND she works part time.  Can you say busy, busy, busy?  Laycee contacted me for a mentoring session and really wanted help with time management.  When you are a new photographer it’s very easy to do things the hard way.  With my mentoring sessions I love to share my experiences with photographers to help shave a few months off the learning curve.  If I can teach them tricks that took me a few months (or years) to learn then that can save them from making the same mistakes and save them lots of time!  Not only did we work on time management, but I was able to show Laycee some tricks to get her pictures better straight out of camera, which will in turn save her time while editing.  Win, win!

Laycee is super determined and knows what she wants.  She is confident and really, that is half the battle when you are building your photography business.  If you’re not confident in yourself than why would your clients be?  I saw a HUGE improvement with her photography from our session.  And not only did I see it, but so did Laycee!  I was so happy that she left our session excited, enthused, and ready to take her business to the next level!  I can’t wait to see where she will take her business next!

Onto our shoot!  I got a ton of great entries for models this time around, but I chose Erin and Scott because of their story.  Scott is in the Marines and just got back from being in Iraq for 7 months this past August.  They also had a baby girl that was born in August just a few days before Scott returned safely home.  Which means that Scott was away for Erin’s entire pregnancy.  I just can’t imagine.  But, Erin wasn’t sitting at home feeling sorry for herself.  She told me that it’s what you make of it.  What an amazing attitude, especially for such a young woman.  I really admire both Erin and Scott for the sacrifices they made for our country.

Erin and Scott are high school sweethearts so I decided shooting at a high school (although not their high school since they are from New York) would be fun!  Then we moved onto a beautiful field where we got very lucky and got to take a couple of shots with a very rambuctious horse named Amigo that was scared of Erin’s dress :)

Thank you to Laycee for coming out and spending the day with me and thank you to both Erin and Scott for all the hard work you put into looking great for the shoot!  I had a ton of fun with all of you!

IMG_9338copy copy

IMG_9365copy copy

IMG_9386copy copy

IMG_9402copy copy

IMG_9424copy copy

IMG_9438copy copy

IMG_9475copy copy

IMG_9509copy copy

IMG_9590copy copy

One of Laycee in action with her cute baby bump!

IMG_9601copy copy

IMG_9647copy copy

IMG_9659copy copy

IMG_9818copy copy

IMG_9861copy copy

IMG_9993copy copy

And a BIG thank you to Jenny B Floral Designs for providing us with the gorgeous bouquet!

IMG_9835copy copy
IMG_9998copy copy

*** To learn more about my mentoring sessions click here!

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Just One…

Love this shot from yesterday! More coming soon!
IMG_9509copy copy

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Daniell & Daniel

I first spoke with Daniell last Spring.  Daniell and Daniel were planning their Hawaiian wedding and they were interested in having me do their engagement pictures.  Unfortunately I couldn’t fit them in before their big day.  But, was I surprised when Daniell contacted me last Fall to say she was pregnant!  How could I forget a couple with the names of Daniell and Daniel?  I think it’s so cute how their names are so similar!  Daniell booked me for her maternity and newborn sessions right when she first found out she was pregnant.  Luckily with that much notice I was able to fit them in this time :)

Daniell and Daniel have been together for 5 years and married for 9 months.  The two of them met in Las Vegas of all places while Daniel was celebrating his birthday and Daniell was there on a bachelorette party.  They dated long distance the first year while Daniell lived in Arizona and Daniel lived in LA.  Once they knew it was meant to be Daniell moved out to LA and the rest is history :)

Baby Hannah is set to make her arrival in May and I can’t wait to meet her and take her first pictures!  I’m sure her session will be a little less eventful than the maternity session.  We shouldn’t have any encounters with coyotes or bugs in her nursery :)  Until then, here’s the slideshow!

IMG_9190copy copy

IMG_9267copy copy

IMG_9329copy copy

IMG_9308copy copy

IMG_9359copy copy

IMG_9387copy copy

IMG_9438copy copy

IMG_9475copy copy

IMG_9509copy copy

IMG_9708copy copy

IMG_9742copy copy

IMG_9899copy copy

IMG_9935copy copy

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