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Happy Birthday, Brayden!


Dear Brayden,

2 years ago today, after a very long and painful labor, we met at exactly 3:30pm for the first time.  4 days past due and you had no intentions of coming out so the doctor had to force you out.  When the doctor held you up over the curtain for the first time and your Daddy and I saw you we both cried, but later admitted to each other that we thought you were an albino baby.  Your hair was as white as your skin and you had bright blue eyes.  Regardless, we loved you because you were ours.

2 years ago today you were a stranger.  I could only dream of what your voice would sound like when you said, “Mama”.  I could only imagine what you would look like when you took your first steps.  I could never comprehend how proud I would be every time you learn a new word, when you blew out the candles of your 2nd birthday cake, when you said, “Love Mama” for the first time, and all your other little accomplishments.  I would have never guessed how much joy and happiness you could bring to me.

2 years ago today I wasn’t sure I could do it.  I still have days that I’m not sure I can do it.  But, I hope you know how much I try to be the best mom possible.  I love making you laugh so hard that your face turns red.  I love tickling you so hard that you giggle and say, “No, Mama!  No!”.  I love that I’m the only one who can understand your “Branglish”.  I love that I get just as excited as you (okay, maybe more excited) when we get stuck at a train crossing.  I love getting to discover new things with you.

2 years ago today I knew I loved you, but I could have never imagined how much more I could love you today.  Brayden, I love you so much and am so proud of the boy you are.  I can’t wait to see how much you change and grow over the next year.  But, please don’t grow up too fast.  These past two years have flown by.  I’d just like you to stay my baby for a little bit longer.



IMG_4669copy copy

IMG_4604copy copy

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And a very happy 1 year anniversary to Mom*tog!!!

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Jenn and Byron

I met Jenn and Byron at Marisa and Jaime’s wedding.  Before I even knew that Byron and Jenn were together I loved them separately.  Jenn was so warm and inviting when we were shooting the girls.  She totally made me feel like one of them.  And when I shot the guys Byron had me cracking up.  He does this look, where he cocks his head to the side and he’s so serious about it.  Here.  This is the look I’m talking about!  It makes me laugh!

030 copy

Then when shooting the whole bridal party I found out they were together AND engaged!  I knew that was a wedding I wanted to shoot!  Can I please tell you how sad I was when I found out I was booked for their date (and I was even more upset when I found out they are having the In N Out truck at their wedding!)?  But, I was very happy when they asked me to shoot their engagement session.  I just love these two!  They were actually introduced by Marisa and Jaime.  How cool is that?

Jenn and Byron found a great wedding photographer so I know they are in great hands!  I had so much fun with these two and this is actually my most favorite engagement session I’ve ever shot!  Thank goodness for iphones, though!  I was about to walk Jenn and Byron over to this gorgeous spot when I looked down and saw something that I thought might be poison ivy.  I asked Byron if he had been a boy scout and he said, “No, but I can google it”.  Sure enough.  It was poison ivy!  Poor Jenn would have gotten it all over her legs!  Can you imagine?

Jenn and Byron, thanks for giving me the opportunity to spend the afternoon with you guys!  You two are beyond perfect for each other!  I love how much fun you have together.  Your wedding is going to be amazing!  I can’t wait to see wedding pictures!  For now, here’s your slideshow!

PS  Special thanks to Sandi from Sash Makeup Artistry for doing such an awesome job on Jenn’s makeup!

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Baby Porter

Baby Porter was born 11 days early.  He was a little guy weighing in at 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 19 inches long.  And he has the most perfect faux hawk.  He’s so trendy already!  Last I heard Baby Porter had a completely different name  so I was surprised when I got the email from Jenna saying that Baby Porter had arrived.  I guess they went through several names before they decided Porter was the perfect name for the perfect baby.  And the perfect baby he is.  He was by far the easiest newborn I have ever worked with!  He slept pretty much the whole time and when he was awake he was very content.  Here are some of my favorites from their shoot!  Congratulations Jenna, Reagan, and Emmy!

IMG_2261copy copy

IMG_2355copy copy

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