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Couple Models Needed

ETA:  Models have been chosen!  Thanks so much for all the emails!  I will keep them all on file for my next session.

I’m looking for a couple to model for an upcoming mentoring session on Friday, March 26.  The session will take place at 5pm in Fullerton, California.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

1)  A fun couple who is very much in love.  You don’t have to be married, but if you have wedding day attire that is a huge plus!

2)  A very RELIABLE couple who will be on time and dependable.

3)  A couple that I have not worked with before.  I love all of my clients, but I like to show my mentorees how I interact with clients I have never met before.

If you are a family with children please do not email.  I will post again when I’m looking for families.

The couple that is chosen will get a session with me free of charge and 10 high resolution images on a disc.  If you’re interested and available please email me at  Your email must include a current picture, ages, and please tell me a little bit about you.  Thanks!

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The Howerton Family

When I first heard about the earthquake in Haiti my heart ached for the people there.  Maybe it was because I knew they were already a poor and impoverished country that did not have the resources to help themselves after such a major disaster.  Maybe it was because of my huge earthquake phobia.  Maybe it was because of the poor people there who expect hurricanes on a regular basis, but could never see this coming.  Maybe it was all of those reasons combined.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about the people of Haiti.

Then, I read Julie’s blog about her friend Kristen.  Kristen was in Haiti visiting their son, Kembe, who they had been trying to adopt for nearly 3 years when the earthquake hit.  Not only that, but she was there with her 9 month old baby girl.  I was so scared for her and her kids.  Totally scared for this perfect stranger.  I checked her blog and twitter for regular updates until I saw that she and her daughter made it safely home later that week.  But, they had to leave Kembe there.  Can you imagine?  I’m sure it was hard enough to leave him there every time they visited.  But, to leave him in a country that was in ruins?  I’m sure that was the hardest thing Kristen has ever had to do.

But, this story has a very happy ending.  Because of the earthquake Kembe’s adoption was rushed and he was able to join their family in the US on January 23.  Amazing that it had to take such a huge disaster to get this kid home to his family where he belongs.

I don’t think I will be able to articulate how amazing I think Kristen and Mark are.  I only spent a little over an hour with them, but I feel like I know Kristen after reading so much of her blog (Which is amazing by the way.  Get ready to spend several hours going back through all of the archives).  What I admire so much about them is that they didn’t choose to take the easy road.  They have fought hard for all of their children, whether they were “homegrown” or adopted.  But, they don’t see what they are doing as anything out of the ordinary.  They merely believe that what every child deserves is a parent who loves them.  They don’t see black and they don’t see white.  They see their children.  Don’t you wish the rest of the world could be like that?

Thank you Howerton family for spending your afternoon with me and letting me capture this very special time in your lives!  Here’s your slideshow!

PS  A HUGE thank you to Julie who made these signs for the shoot.  She saved me from making horrible and ugly signs and came up with these in less than 24 hours.  Julie, you are amazing!

IMG_5292copy copy

IMG_5379copy copy

IMG_5424copy copy

IMG_5523copy copy

Jafta is 5 and he loves The Beatles!  I think he is very happy to have his brother home so he has someone to play with!

IMG_5657copy copy

IMG_5677copy copy

India is 3 and is a total girly girl.  What’s crazy is that India and Kembe have the same exact birthday.  They are both 3.  How cool is that?

IMG_5582copy copy

IMG_5630copy copy

Kembe loves to run and be a boy!  He has a ton of energy!  And he is so very, very HAPPY!

IMG_5774copy copy

IMG_5802copy copy

IMG_6105copy copy

Karis is 10 months old.  Kristen told me she likes to put things in her mouth.  Yep.  She was right.  Grass.  Sticks.  Leaves.  All in Karis’ mouth :)

IMG_5913copy copy

IMG_6030copy copy

IMG_6063copy copy

IMG_6469copy copy

IMG_6297copy copy

IMG_6256copy copy

IMG_6413copy copy

IMG_6537copy copy

IMG_6244copy copy

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_5292copy copy

More from this awesome session coming soon!

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