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Dear Rain

Dear Rain,

Please go away and stop making my shoots get cancelled. We live in Southern California for a reason.  I enjoy a little rain every once in a while, but you’ve been here for 3 days now!  While it’s been exciting (tornados!) and a little fun (but mostly boring being cramped up inside), I am ready for you to leave now. Please tell the sun it’s time to come back so I can go out and shoot.

IMG_0766copy copy

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Andrea’s Day With Drew

Andrea contacted me about doing a mentoring session after she bought my UNposing Guide.  She’s a photographer from the San Francisco Bay area, but grew up in Southern California so her session was also a great excuse to come home for a weekend.  Andrea is working full time while growing her photography business, which I can totally relate to since that’s how I did it as well.  Technically she’s a great photographer and knows how to work her camera.  What we really worked on was how to manage her time (including how to price her sessions) so she can have a life outside of working 2 jobs and how to have the confidence to really “own the shoot” as Andrea calls it :)  I think she’s on her way to doing great things!

We had an awesome family to model for us!  The Brown family were a ton of fun to work with and on top of that are super cute!  Naomi is four and a half.  Zoe is two.  And there’s a new baby due in June!  Julez and Aaron are so cute together and you can really tell how much they love each other and their kids!

Here are some of my pictures I snapped:

IMG_9930copy copy

IMG_9916copy copy

IMG_9905copy copy

IMG_0061copy copy

IMG_0120copy copy

IMG_0378copy copy

IMG_0481copy copy

IMG_0506copy copy

IMG_0601copy copy

IMG_0622copy copy

And here are a couple of Andrea in action!

IMG_9954copy copy

IMG_0466copy copy

Thanks for coming down, Andrea!  I’m super excited to see your business grow!  If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for a photographer, definitely contact Andrea!

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Carolyn’s Day With Drew

Last weekend blogless and websiteless Carolyn Connely came to spend the day with me!  Her first homework assignment was to get a blog so I’ll update this post when she gets one :)  Carolyn is a super busy mom of 2 gorgeous kids who is in the process of getting her Masters degree!  On top of all of that she has been taking pictures for her family and friends and wanted to learn how to turn that into a photography business.  Carolyn is super motivated and definitely has a lot of talent so I’m very excited to see where she takes her business!  Our shoot was with the Schoppman family and we worked on how to make natural light work for us and also UNposing.  Here are some of my pictures from the shoot and hopefully Carolyn’s blog will be up soon so I can share some of hers!  Thanks for coming out and spending the day with me, Carolyn!  I’m very excited to see you turn your dream into a reality!

IMG_8648copy copy

IMG_8884copy copy

IMG_8909copy copy

IMG_8966copy copy

IMG_9004copy copy

IMG_9119copy copy

IMG_9129copy copy

IMG_9213copy copy

IMG_9332copy copy

IMG_9361copy copy

Interested in my mentoring sessions?  Learn more here!

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