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Leslie & Yashaar

Although I’m a diehard Bruin, most people don’t know that I actually began my college career as an Anteater.  As in the UC Irvine Anteaters.  Zot zot!  I spent my first year and a half there and then transferred to UCLA.

Leslie and Yashaar are also Anteaters.  And Leslie also happens to be a Tri Delt, which means, we are sisters :)  Leslie is good friends with my Lil’ Sis, Cassandra, but joined Tri Delt after I had already transferred so I didn’t meet her until recently.  Leslie is one of those awesome brides who contacted me before she even got engaged.  Love that!  Once Yashaar popped the question in New York City they finalized a date at the Parker Palm Springs (amazing!).  I’m SO excited for their wedding.  Not just because it’s going to be beautiful, but also because there will be so many familiar faces there as well!

We shot Leslie and Yashaar’s engagement session at the Viceroy in Santa Monica and at the Santa Monica pier.  It was cold!  Really cold.  Leslie and Yashaar did an excellent job of looking like they were warm!  I had a ton of fun getting to know they both and am looking forward to their warm wedding in Palm Springs in May :)  Here’s the slideshow!


IMG_1256copy copy

IMG_1302copy copy

IMG_1371copy copy

IMG_1401copy copy

IMG_1447copy copy

IMG_1456copy copy

IMG_1467copy copy

IMG_1478copy copy

IMG_1647copy copyIMG_1686copy copy

IMG_1694copy copy

IMG_1726copy copy

IMG_1809copy copy

IMG_1898copy copy

IMG_2026copy copy

IMG_2058copy copy

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Happy Anniversary Karyn and Mark!


Hi Karyn!

Your totally sweet and awesome boyfriend, Mark, contacted me to schedule a photo shoot for your 10 year anniversary!  How awesome is he?  I can’t wait to meet you two, learn about your story, and document it for the two of you!  For now, here’s a letter from Mark to you on your 10 year anniversary!  I hope your day is great!



From Mark:

Karyn – Thank you for these past 10 years. Thank you for being by my side through the good, bad and almost unbearable times. Thank you for showing me that I can accomplish and overcome anything. You are my rock, my foundation and my heart. Happy Anniversary Beb! I love you so much and have so much more love to give you through the years. – Love, Mark

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The Bernard Family

This was one of those sessions where I had my fingers crossed behind my back the whole time hoping and praying I got one good shot.  One shot of the whole family looking happy.  Being a family photographer is not the easiest job in the world and when you have an 11 month old and a 3 year old things don’t always go as planned.  Lincoln is at that stage where he wants to do everything himself.  Doesn’t want to be held.  He wants to crawl all over the place and be a big boy.  And Ava is just adorable and such a big girl.  But, it’s hard to be 3 and cooperate for an extended period of time :)

Jen, or Jenny B as you may know her, is not only one of the best florists in Orange County she has also become a dear friend.  While we are both busy running our own businesses and raising our families we don’t have a lot of time to lunch or hang out.  But, every time we are together or have a minute to chat on the phone it’s like no time has passed at all.  I just think the world of Jen and think she’s an amazing business woman, mom and friend.  If you want someone who is really invested in you and your wedding, hire Jen.  You won’t regret it!

When I looked through the pictures I was happy to have found that I not only got one good shot, I got several!  In fact as I was putting together the slideshow I’m totally sitting here crying.  I know, I’m a dork.  But, these pictures make me happy!  I hope they make you happy too, Jen and Jason!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_8348copy copy

IMG_8476copy copy

IMG_8484copy copy

IMG_8490copy copy

IMG_8535copy copy

IMG_8623copy copy

IMG_8768copy copy

IMG_8840copy copy

IMG_8938copy copy

IMG_8971copy copy

IMG_9026copy copy

IMG_9144copy copy

IMG_9179copy copy

IMG_9248copy copy

IMG_9257copy copy

IMG_9347copy copy

IMG_9498copy copy

IMG_9522copy copy

IMG_9529copy copy

IMG_9546copy copy

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