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Nancy and Eric

Nancy and Eric have a love of traveling.  In fact, that’s how they met.  They were traveling together with a big group of people and were just friends at first.  Then, when Nancy was organizing another trip awhile later Eric happened to be the only one that was able to go.  That’s where their love began.  They’ve traveled all over the world together!  Place I can only dream of going to one day.

Because of their love of traveling I thought Union Station in Downtown LA would be a great place to shoot.  These two have spent a lot of time on trains all over the world and it’s such a beautiful place!  The architecture is amazing!  I love shooting in LA.  So different than Orange county.  But, I will say that I hate the traffic.  Took me 3 hours to get home!  And 1 hour of that was to go 4 miles on the 101.  Insane!!!  I could have walked faster than that!  Gotta love LA!

I can’t wait for their wedding next May at the Athenaeum on the campus of Cal Tech.  It will be gorgeous for sure!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_7037copy copy

IMG_7136copy copy

IMG_7257copy copy

IMG_7301copy copy

IMG_7336copy copy

IMG_7347copy copy

IMG_7375copy copy

IMG_7409copy copy

IMG_7648copy copy

IMG_7823copy copy

IMG_7891copy copy

IMG_7922copy copy

IMG_8025copy copy

IMG_8185copy copy

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The Paskin Family

My family sessions filled up really early this year.  Really, really early!  A couple of weeks after I announced that I was full for the year and would be taking no more sessions I got an email from Sarah.  The email said a lot of nice things about me and my photography and promises of baked goods if I was able to fit them in.  Luckily I was able to move my schedule around a little bit and found a spot for them and I’m so glad I did!  Sarah, Mike, and Reese are from Santa Barbara and one of the conditions for me fitting them into my schedule was that they had to bring their new plane down.  Because, I mean seriously, how fun is shooting with an airplane?  I love my clients for letting me try new and different things!

Reese just turned two (two days after my birthday!) and she was so much fun!  A little wild and crazy, but what 2 year old (and a Scorpio 2 year old who had one too many jelly beans at that!) isn’t wild and crazy?  I think we can all safely say that we slept well that night!  At least I know I did after chasing my own almost 2 year old around all day before going and shooting their session!  

And I got to be in on a big surprise too!

IMG_5918copy copy

Reese is going to be a big sister!  Sarah was 8 weeks pregnant when we shot these pictures (you can’t tell at all!) and is due in late June!  How exciting!

Thank you so much Sarah and Mike for finding me and letting me take your family pictures!  And for coming all the way from Santa Barbara!  I hope you had fun in the OC while you were here!  Oh, and a BIG congratulations to Mike for completing the Iron Man!  How awesome is that?  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_5429copy copy

IMG_5493copy copy

IMG_5520copy copy

IMG_5527copy copy

IMG_5587copy copy

IMG_5650copy copy

IMG_5784copy copy

IMG_6124copy copy

IMG_6158copy copy

IMG_6190copy copyIMG_6214copy copy

IMG_6312copy copy

IMG_6434copy copy

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The Nygaard Family

What is better than ice cream for lunch, jumping on beds, good light and a loving and beautiful family?  Honestly, not a whole lot!  I loved shooting this family!  And it was a great surprise that Jeff is a UCLA alumni.  A great volleyball player, actually.  Renee and Jeff’s two little girls are gorgeous!  We already know they have their mom’s good looks and if they get their dad’s height they are both going to be supermodels for sure!

Thanks Renee and Jeff for inviting me into your home!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_3853copy copy

IMG_4017copy copy

IMG_4147copy copy

IMG_4187copy copy

IMG_4240copy copy

IMG_4257copy copy

IMG_4292copy copy

IMG_4366copy copy

IMG_4491copy copy

IMG_4690copy copy

IMG_5106copy copy

IMG_5112copy copy

IMG_5243copy copy

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