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The Simmons Family

One of the great things about my photography business is that it has reconnected me to old friends.  Nicole is one of those friends.  Nicole and I grew up together.  Playing softball and going to school and later I cheered with her younger sister.  And not only do I get to reconnect with those friends, but I get to know their families as well.  It’s really crazy seeing everyone all grown up with their own families.  Some of their kids are almost the same ages that we were when we met.  

Nicole is the mom to three wonderful kids.  I had so much fun with them!  Her youngest, Gracie, is just a couple of weeks older than Brayden.  I don’t know how she does it with 3 when I can barely handle one.  But, they are all so well mannered and fun!  I especially had a great time with Kate.  She’s at such a fun age where she likes getting her picture taken and takes direction so well.  She was a huge help with handling wild child, Vince, and getting him to smile for me!  Poor kid busted his chin open a couple of days ago.  Sad for him, but I’m happy it happened after our shoot :)  

So, here’s your blog, Nicole!  I know you’ve been waiting anxiously!  And enjoy your slideshow too!

IMG_1985copy copy

IMG_2193copy copy

IMG_2225copy copy

IMG_2362copy copy

IMG_2457copy copy

IMG_2462copy copy

IMG_2535copy copy

IMG_2595copy copy

IMG_2602copy copy

IMG_2635copy copy

IMG_2637copy copy

IMG_2670copy copy

IMG_2750copy copy

IMG_2762copy copy

IMG_2808copy copy

IMG_2869copy copy

IMG_3001copy copy

IMG_3007copy copy

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Mr and Mrs Slaven

A couple of weeks I go I went to Las Vegas to shoot Lisa and Ricky’s wedding!  Viva Las Vegas!  I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding there.  But, seeing as I’m a natural light shooter who loves shooting outdoors, shooting in a dark casino presented it’s challenges.  However, this gave me a great opportunity to use my off camera flash and I had a ton of fun with it and I’m super excited about the images!  It’s a different look, but I think a very fun one!

Sadly, Lisa wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t get to take quite as many pictures as I would have liked.  The Wynn is amazing and I could have shot there for hours!  But, the wedding was beautiful and perfect!  The reception was held at the G Suite at the Palms. It’s a mini replica of the Ghost Bar.  How fun is that?  

Besides the beautiful location, the lovely bride and groom, and the awesome details, my most favorite part about this wedding had to be all of the British accents.  Ricky is British and so are his friends and family.  It was so much fun to hear them talk!  I know, I’m a dork, but I have a thing for accents!

Congratulations, Lisa and Richard!  I hope the honeymoon (alternate location and all) was amazing!  Here’s your slideshow!

01 copy

You know how much I love a pair of Louboutins!

02 copy

03 copy

06 copy

11 copy

The bracelet attached to the bouquet was Lisa Grandma’s baby bracelet

08 copy

07 copy

The lobby in the Wynn is gorgeous and has so many different looks

12 copy

13 copy

Someone loves Chanel and her name is Lisa :)

14 copy

Here’s some of that off camera flash

15 copy

17 copy

47 copy

20 copy

22 copy

23 copy

28 copy

Lola the flowergirl

48 copy

My favorite picture of the day.  Love the looks on Lisa’s brother and mom’s faces.  

29 copy

30 copy

34 copy

35 copy

36 copy

38 copy

40 copy

41 copy

43 copy

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The Bengard Family 2009

Jamie’s official maternity / family shoot is up on the blog!  I’m sure you remember the fun shoots we did earlier on in her pregnancy (you can see them here, here, and here).  Baby Liam will be making his appearance December 1st (or earlier if you ask Jamie!).  Maybe he will decide to come out on my birthday!  That would be fun!  I just think Jamie is such a gorgeous pregnant girl!  I know she’s feeling pretty uncomfortable at this point, but she is still glowing!

We shot their session at the Home Depot center, which is where the Los Angeles Galaxy play.  How did we get access you ask?  Well, Jamie’s husband Alex just happened to play on the Galaxy a few years ago.  It’s nice to have connections :)  Although it wasn’t the most ideal weather and we didn’t get to go on the field because of the rain we still had a ton of fun!  Now Liam just needs to hurry up and come out so I can take his newborn pictures!  I have a lot of ideas!!!  But, I don’t want to even think about their family session next year!  There will be two boys to chase after!  If Liam is anywhere as active as Aiden we will have problems!  Haha!  Here’s the slideshow!

IMG_7200copy copy

L is for Liam :)

IMG_7275copy copy

IMG_7292copy copy

IMG_7383copy copy

IMG_7435copy copy

IMG_7505copy copy

IMG_7553copy copy

IMG_7565copy copy

IMG_7619copy copy

IMG_7685copy copy

IMG_7693copy copy

IMG_7879copy copy

IMG_7962copy copy

IMG_8007copy copy

IMG_8082copy copy

IMG_8525copy copy

IMG_8716copy copy

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