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Jenna, Reagan, Emmy, and Baby?

Jenna and Reagan met here, on the tennis courts of Chapman University.

IMG_0360copy copy

IMG_0383copy copy

Now, not only do they have their cute daughter, Emmy

IMG_0298copy copy

IMG_0285copy copy

But, they also have a baby boy on the way in January

IMG_0131copy copy

IMG_0329copy copy

Check back in January for pictures of their newest addition!

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Happy 19th Month Birthday, B!

Mama loves you!


IMG_3762copy copy

IMG_6554copy copy


IMG_7881copy copy

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The Carson Girls

I’m working on a super fun new project for Mom*tog and I was lucky enough to have these cute girlies model for me.  Aren’t they just the cutest?  I always have so much fun with them!

First up was a little mini shoot with Janey, who’s just the happiest baby on the planet!  Her super talented Mama, Julie, made this dress!


Then yesterday I took Halley and Lucy out for a fun shoot in the wilderness!

*** Halley and Lucy’s dresses were borrowed from the very talented Tonya Joy.  Thanks, Tonya!

IMG_1365copy copy

IMG_1475copy copy

IMG_1666copy copy

IMG_1827copy copy

IMG_1879copy copy

IMG_2011copy copy

IMG_2153copy copy

IMG_2246copy copy

IMG_2396copy copy

IMG_2408copy copy

IMG_2435copy copy

IMG_2572copy copy

And then on top of letting me borrow her super cute girls, Julie goes and makes me this super cute bag chock full of goodies inside!  Anyone who reads Mom*tog knows why I love this bag so much!  Thank you, Julie!  I absolutely love it!!!


Stay tuned to see what these pictures are going to be used for!  I promise you will love it!!!

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