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Baby Luke

I’m pretty jealous of new parents who have great birth stories and good babies who are happy and not fussy.  I didn’t particularly have a horrible labor and delivery, but as more time passes and I hear stories of people who had it so easy the more I wish I would have  had that too.  I just get a little jealous :)

Well, Kerry had a pretty easy (if you can call labor and delivery easy) labor and even had Luke 3 weeks early!  Both Mama and Baby were super healthy and everything went great!  Not only that, but Baby Luke is the happiest baby I’ve ever met.  He only cried once and that’s when we put him in a bowl of fake apples.  Who wouldn’t cry if you had to lay in a bowl full of fake apples, right?  He smiles a lot (yeah, maybe it’s gas, but it’s still a smile) and he only poops like twice a day!  That’s a rad baby!

Congratulations, Kerry and Jason!  You are the perfect, little family!  It only gets better and better each day!  Here’s your slideshow!

This is where Baby Luke was resting comfortably a few weeks ago!

0004 copy

And here he is now!

IMG_5639copy copy

IMG_5674copy copy

IMG_5809copy copy

IMG_5991copy copy

IMG_6056copy copy

IMG_6121copy copy

This might be my most favorite newborn image I’ve ever shot

IMG_6189copy copy

IMG_6428copy copy

IMG_6631copy copy

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Mr and Mrs Nguyen

I’ve known Liz and David for what seems like forever.  Liz was my BFF, Aylin’s, roommate during law school.  Aylin would always go on and on about her perfectly smart, funny, and beautiful roommate, Liz.  Yeah, yeah.  Wasn’t I the perfect roommate when we lived together?  I wasn’t jealous or anything.  When I was in LA I would always make sure to stop by and hang out for a bit (which wasn’t nearly as often as I would have liked).  During one of those times I got to meet David.  Only after meeting him for a few minutes I knew Liz and David were perfect for each other.  Their relationship was so easy.  And that’s what I love about them.  When you are with them they make you feel so comfortable, like you’ve known them for years.  They are not only thoughtful and kind to each other, but also to those around them.  They are truly made for each other!

Fast forward a few years and I saw Liz at Aylin’s bridal shower.  She was engaged!  And while it took a little while to get all of the details set they figured out a date and asked me to be their photographer.  I was thrilled!  I knew it would be an amazing wedding and they did not disappoint.  The details were impeccable.  I have a lot of favorites!

Liz and David, thank you for not only including me in your wedding, but also for your friendship.  I have so enjoyed getting to know you two better.  Hopefully we will have many more photo shoots in the future!  Here’s your slideshow!

We actually didn’t do any getting ready pictures (which is one of my favorite times of a wedding), so I just met them at the church and was able to snap a few pictures before the ceremony

06 copy

I want to get married again just so I can wear a headband like this

08 copy

The flowers were awesome!

07 copy

03 copy

28 copy

David wrote the sweetest note to his bride and had the super cute little hanky made for her

04 copy

15 copy

16 copy

17 copy

We shot all the pictures after the ceremony

22 copy

23 copy

26 copy

27 copy

29 copy

30 copy

31 copy

32 copy

35 copy


I think this is my favorite from the day

37 copy

38 copy

40 copy

43 copy

The details at the reception were awesome

46 copy

My favorites were the guest book table.  They had a jar to make a wish for the couple and to take a wish for yourself.  How cool is that?


I also loved their cake.  It was pretty much the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen

62 copy

And lastly I LOVED their favors!  You can see them pictured on the table here

44 copy

And then I got my friends to model them for me here

60 copy

47 copy

50 copy

52 copy

54 copy

64 copy

61 copy

53 copy


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Nicole & Jeremy

Nicole and Jeremy live and play in Venice Beach so it was only natural to shoot there.  They are both writers, they both love music, local artists, the beach, and their bikes.  And, most importantly, they love each other :)  I hadn’t been to Venice since I lived in LA years ago and it’s changed a lot!  I would love to come back and spend a day there exploring.  It was fun being there and reminiscing.  In high school we actually took a photo field trip to Venice (why they let a group of high school seniors run around Venice, I don’t know.  I’m pretty sure a few people got tattoos and piercings).  I took a picture of a young homeless man and his dog.  I loved that picture.  Wish I knew where it was.

Anyway :)  Back to Nicole and Jeremy.  We started our shoot on Abbot Kinney

IMG_1233copy copy

IMG_1260copy copy

IMG_1336copy copy

So many great places to shoot there

IMG_1349copy copy

IMG_1406copy copy

IMG_1718copy copy

Then we moved onto the Boardwalk

IMG_1760copy copy

IMG_1845copy copy

IMG_1919copy copy

IMG_1953copy copy

And then over to the beach

IMG_2102copy copy

IMG_2139copy copy

IMG_2190copy copy

Thanks for the fun, guys!  It was great to finally meet you both!  Here’s your slideshow!

IMG_2280copy copy

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