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Liz & David

You will remember Liz and David as my models for one of my mentoring sessions a few months back.  Now we did their official engagement session and they rocked it.  They were already professionals and knew exactly what to do.  

This session was so much fun because there was a lot of illegal trespassing.  I was pretty nervous because I don’t like to break the law, but Liz is a lawyer so I told her if we get busted she would have to do all the talking :)  In the end it was totally worth it!

I’m super excited for their wedding in September!  By their third shoot with me they will be beyond professional.  I might just have to pay to shoot them!  

And everyone please leave Liz super nice birthday comments because she turns the big 3-0 on Sunday!  I don’t think she looks a day over 23 :)  

Thanks for the champagne, Liz and David!  That was too thoughtful!  It’s always great hanging out with you too!  Can’t wait for the big day!  Don’t forget to check out the slideshow!

Here’s where the illegal trespassing began!



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Nga & Jay

I took a little break from our move last week to shoot Nga and Jay’s engagement session.  And it just happened to be at one of my most favorite places.  UCLA!  Nga and Jay meet there and graduated just a year after I did.  And they just so happened to meet in the same lecture hall that Chuck and I had our only class together in.  

As we were walking around campus we were all reminiscing and I had them tell me about how they met.  Jay said that he walked into the lecture hall and caught Nga checking him out.  He flipped his long, flowing hair back and forth and checked her out too, while carrying his motorcycle helmet.  Later he saw her in the Kerckhoff coffee shop and asked her to do his homework.  The reason this story is so funny is because later Nga told me he didn’t have long hair and he didn’t have a motorcyle.  See, Jay has a wild imagination.  I imagine he was a handful as a child.  But, he made the session so much fun.  And he was sick!  I can’t imagine what he would have been like if he felt one hundred percent ;)  Nga has her hands full :)

Nga and Jay didn’t start dating after they met.  They were “just friends” for a few years after college and one late night they finally confessed their love for one another.  You can really tell how much fun they have together.  They are constantly laughing and goofing off.  They actually remind me a lot of Chuck and myself.

Sadly, I will not be shooting their wedding :(  But, I know it’s going to be amazing!  How could it not be with two people this much fun???  Good luck with your wedding, Nga and Jay!  I can’t wait to see the pictures!  For now, here’s your slide show!

First off, let’s start with Jay’s shirt.  I mean, you have to be a pretty funny guy to pull this off!

It all began in this building

In this coffee shop 

I love shooting at UCLA because I find new spots every time

The lecture hall where it all began

I remember sitting in a lot of boring lectures in this hall.  Chuck got a better grade than me, which isn’t shocking.  He has the book smarts, but I have the street smarts ;)

This is Nga’s cake cutting dress.  Isn’t is so cute?

My favorite shot of the day

I lie.  This may be my favorite shot of the day.

See, there’s funny Jay again!

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Lisa & Richard

I haven’t shot a real session in weeks so I was very excited for Lisa and Richard’s engagement session.  I was also very excited to finally meet Lisa and Richard.  They live in Oregon and booked me over the phone so it was great to put faces to the names.  They even brought their cute little Pug, Lola.  She did a great job on the shoot, but was a bit noisy :)  Oh, and Richard is from England.  I love accents!  It was just fun to hear him talk!

Lisa and Richard are getting married this October in Vegas!  I’m beyond excited to shoot their wedding at The Wynn and reception at The Palms!  But, I’m even more excited for their day after shoot.  It’s going to be radder than rad!  

Thanks Lisa and Richard for coming down for the shoot!  Sorry the weather didn’t totally cooperate!  I hope you love the pictures and I can’t wait to work with you two again!  Here’s your slideshow!

*** PS  Please remember that DrewB Photography will be closed next week for our move.  I will respond to emails as soon as I can!

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