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It all started on Twitter.  I tweeted that I was bored and wanted to shoot.  Denise twittered back that she wanted to shoot too and suggested we go out and shoot each other.  How fun!  But, then I thought about it.  Wait.  I have to get in front of the camera too?  The only reasons I agreed were 1) Denise (of Denise Bovee Photography) is a fantastic photographer and she’s very good with posing single subjects (which I think is one of my weaknesses) and 2) As a photographer, it’s really good to be in front of the camera every once in a while.  It really helps you to remember the awkwardness that your clients can feel if you don’t help to make them comfortable.

We had a ton of fun together looking absolutely ridiculous to anyone who passed by seeing us shooting each other in our crazy outfits (there’s a reason I don’t wear dresses when I shoot) and getting all dirty lying in weeds and on burnt trees.  I got a little scared when I heard a pack of coyotes that didn’t sound too far away and Denise got a little freaked out by a homeless lady who kept watching us.  But, really, it’s not a good shoot unless you have a run in with wild animals or homeless people.  

Below are my favs.  I’ll let you know when Denise posts my pics!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s day from my little leprechaun, Brayden O’Bittel!

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Denise – Sneek Peek

Yes, she’s wearing a flapper dress.  And, yes, she totally rocked it.  More to come…

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