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Happy Birthday Brayden Bittel!

Dear Brayden,

I can’t believe you are one!  This has been the fastest year of my life.  Which, is both good and bad.  I love how independent you are, but miss holding you close as a little newborn.  You’re not a baby anymore.  You’ve become our little man.  Full of curiosity and a zest for life.  I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year.  Holding your head up, rolling over, sitting up, FINALLY getting your first tooth and then 7 more, crawling (in your own funky little way), saying Mama, Dada, hi, and bye, learning how to make dog, monkey, and Santa sounds, making friends, and walking.  I couldn’t be more proud to be your Mom.  My life has changed forever, but it is for the better because of you.  Thank you for coming into our lives.  Thank you for brightening everyones day you come in contact with your cute smile.  Thank you for teaching me patience.  Thank you for letting me take your picture and always tolerating the camera in you face.  Thank you for your kisses (even if you do bite my cheek sometimes!).  Thank you for your unconditional love.  

I love you so much, my Brayden Bittel.  I can’t wait to see all that you learn and do in the next year.



And in honor of Brayden’s birthday I have a very big surprise.  No, I’m not pregnant people!  But, I have been working on a new project for a couple of weeks and it’s finally ready to launch!  Are you a Momtog?  Come and see!

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Big Birthday! Big Surprise!

Someone is having a big birthday in 2 days!  Stay tuned for all of the birthday details and a big surprise!

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Baby Lincoln

Remember this gorgeous mom?  It’s my fabulous florist friend Jenny B!  Well that cute little baby decided to arrive three weeks early!  Baby Lincoln was born on January 24 but wasn’t due until February 12, which is Brayden’s birthday and also happens to be Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  I really like the name Lincoln and contemplated naming Brayden that when he was born on Abe’s birthday.  But, Brayden is such a Brayden.  It works out because Lincoln is such a Lincoln :)  He’s too cute!  All covered in that baby fuzz!  Here are a few of my favorites from Lincoln’s short session.  Big sis Ava came too!  

Congrats Bernard family!  He’s just perfect!

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