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Mr. & Mrs. Cardoza

I blogged Krista and Vince’s engagement pictures last week and now here are their wedding pictures.  Their Puerto Vallarta wedding was held at El Set, which is a restaurant that used to be a movie set.  How cool is that?  The ceremony was on the roof deck with gorgeous ocean views.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the day went off without a hitch!  I love destination weddings because they are (usually) stress free and all about spending time with the friends and family who made the long trip.  It was a great day and I was so happy to be a part of it!

Below are my favorite pictures and here is the slide show!  Congratulations Krista and Vince!

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Happy Birthday Chuck!

Happy birthday to the best husband, friend, and dad in the world!  I knew my husband was awesome, but this year he has really outdone himself.  He is so selfless and takes care of me, Brayden, and Hauggy.  He’s the reason that I can still fulfill my dream every single day.  He’s the best dad and Brayden Bittel loves him more than anyone.  He’s fun and funny and no one can make that kid laugh more than his daddy.  He still had time to put up ALL of our Christmas lights so we can win 2nd place in our neighborhood’s Christmas light contest (again).  He brings me fountain Cokes everyday so I can make it through the day and will even drive all the way to McDonald’s (because they have the best fountain Coke!).  He gets up with Brayden in the wee hours of the morning so he can watch the Disney channel with him and so I can get a little more sleep because I’m very grumpy if I don’t get my sleep.  He’s puts up with all of my quirks and still loves me even though I lost my brain when Brayden Bittel was born.  Basically, I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

Chuck, thank you for being so awesome.  You know we love you more than anything!  Happy, happy birthday!  May 29 be as good as 28, but with a little more sleep :)  143

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Krista & Vince

We’re back!  Puerto Vallarta was great, but we missed our little guy too much and ended up coming home a day early.  I’ve been spending lots of quality time with Brayden to make up for being gone.  The poor little guy is sick now :(

Anyways, enough about me.  The day before Vince and Krista’s wedding we did a quick engagement shoot.  I had actually never met them before even though Krista and I are from the same hometown and went to the same junior high (she’s a year younger than me)!  Krista and Vince live in Utah so we did all of our correspondence by email and phone.  It was so great to finally meet them!  We had  lot of fun wandering the streets of Puerto (my parents hate when I call Puerto Vallarta Puerto so I will keep calling it that to annoy them!).  The cobblestone streets in Puerto are so pretty even if they did give me shin splints.  

Here are a few shots from the engagement session.  Check back in a few days for their wedding pictures!

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