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Mr. & Mrs. Ramirez

My most favorite part of Jen and Carlos’ wedding was when Jen told her guests, “We never doubted if this wedding was going to happen.  We just weren’t sure exactly where it was going to happen.”  

Two nights before Jen and Carlos’ wedding at the Montecito Country Club a huge wild fire raged through the hills of Montecito and Santa Barbara destroying over 200 homes.  It was touch and go Thursday night and Friday morning if the wedding was going to be able to take place at the country club, but late Friday morning I got the word that the wedding was on.  

It couldn’t have been a more perfect November day.  Blue skies, temperature in the upper seventies, and not a hint of smoke in the sky.  The Montecito Country Club is an absolutely gorgeous venue for a wedding.  Very rustic and romantic.  Nicole Johnson, with Plan It Events, did an amazing job making the venue look even more beautiful.  Stephanie Sponsel did the invitations, menus, and programs and they were stunning as always.  They even had break dancers come in to kick off the dancing for the evening.  It was a very cool idea!

I’m so glad everything worked out for Jen and Carlos’ wedding.  They are two awesome people and they deserve all of the happiness in the world.  Congratulations you two and I hope you had a fabulous honeymoon!  Below are some of my favorites and here is the slide show!

 Jen’s brother lives overseas.  He only found out he could attend the wedding the weekend before.  I love the look on Jen’s face as he stands by her side to give her away.

The cake topper was from Jen’s grandparent’s cake in the 1940′s.  I love it!

During the reception the ceremony room was transformed into a lounge and dance floor

Break dancers!



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Brayden Bittel Says…

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble!

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Baby Caroline

I have a very cute baby to blog and it’s not Brayden Bittel :)  I got an email from a sorority sister (Delta Delta Delta can I help ya help ya help ya?) wanting to schedule a baby session for her little baby girl, Caroline.  Nicole joined Tri Delt when I was a senior so I, unfortunately, never got to know her too well.  But, we had a lot of fun catching up and gossiping about what the Tri Delt girls are up to now :)  

Caroline was such a good baby!  It was pretty cold and windy and she had numerous wardrobe changes, but she held up extremely well.  And she just has the most gorgeous eyes!  Watch out Mom and Dad!  She’ll get anything she wants with those big, brown eyes!

Thank you for letting me take Caroline’s pictures, Nicole!  I can’t wait for our playdate in January so our little future Bruins can meet up!  Below are some of my favorites and here’s the slideshow!

The mobile was Nicole’s when she was a baby.  How cool!

Love this shot!  This is Caroline seeing her Daddy walk up behind me.

Future Bruin!

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