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The Schwebachs

I met up with Lorraine, Dustin, and their gorgeous 13 month old daughter Hailey a couple of weeks ago to shoot Lorraine’s maternity pictures.  They are expecting a little boy on Halloween!  I loved it because Lorraine let me choose the location for the shoot.  I found an awesome spot with old, abandoned buildings, cows, and a cornfield!  I was a little nervous that they might not be into it, but it turns out that Lorraine and Dustin met at the University of Iowa so they are totally all about cornfields and cows!  

Congratulations Lorraine and Dustin!  I can’t wait to meet your new little guy!  Below are some of my favorite images and here’s a little slideshow!

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Happy Birthday Papa G!

Dear Papa G,

In honor of your birthday I am wearing my birthday suit today!  Aren’t I cute?

Thank you for being the best Papa G there is!  I love you very, very, very much!  Happy Birthday!


Brayden Bittel

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Baby Kirra

I was so excited when Baby Kirra’s mommy, Erin, asked me to come shoot her baby pictures.  Kirra was 3 weeks old when I went out to do her shoot.  And being the big 3 week old that she is she didn’t want to sleep or stay in any position that we put her in.  So she stuck her tongue out at me and cried a bit.  She’s a stubborn little baby.  Which is funny because my BFF Christy says that Erin and I are a lot alike.  And I’m very stubborn so it would make sense that Kirra is stubborn as well :)

Kirra’s daddy, Jenner, is a huge surfer.  I love that Kirra is named after a surfing break in Australia.  Isn’t that cool?  I have a feeling that Kirra is going to be a surfer too so maybe one day Kirra and Jenner can surf there too :)

Congratulations Erin and Jenner!  She’s absolutely gorgeous!

See!  I told you she stuck her tongue out at me!

My favorite heart rug

Love this surfboard shot!

Can you guess where Mommy and Daddy work?

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