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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Some people are afraid of flying. Others are afraid of heights. My fear is earthquakes. Yes, I’ve lived in Southern California my whole life. And yes, I’ve been in all the big ones over the last 27 and a half years. But, I’m still deathly afraid of earthquakes. Every time I go on vacation somewhere far, far away I always hope that the “Big One” will happen while I’m gone. Is that weird? And when I have to stay the night by myself the first thing that I think is, “What if there’s an earthquake?”. I was talking to my Dad and he was saying how I have nothing to worry about. That buildings today are all retrofitted and that they aren’t going to collapse. But, I stopped him in mid sentence and said that it’s not the dying in an earthquake that scares me or that my house will fall down, it’s just the earthquake itself that scares the crap out of me. It’s the sound of the earth moving right before the shaking starts and the fact that I know there will be tons of aftershocks after the fact. I panic and can’t move. I just HATE earthquakes. And my Dad said, “Oh. I get it now. That’s your thing. You just don’t like earthquake.” YES! That’s why I would sleep in the door jam for weeks at a time after an earthquake when I was little. Well, I’m glad my Dad now finally understands me after 27 and a half years.

So yesterday’s 5.4 earthquake, which was centered just miles from our home, was no fun for me. I just thank god that Chuck was home. He had just come home for his lunch break ten minutes before the earthquake. With the baby I don’t know what I would have done by myself. And then I couldn’t be by myself when he went back to work so I went to my mother in law’s house for a couple of hours. I was so happy she was home because I could not be by myself. You can call me a baby if you’d like, but everyone has their thing that they are afraid of and earthquakes are mine. I wish more than anything I wasn’t so scared, but I don’t think anything is going to change at this point in my life!

Well, onto some happier news! Chelsea and Sean’s wedding was featured on the Southern Wedding Magazine Blog. I love those girls over there and was so honored to be featured again! And I am very excited to announce that DrewB Photography is included in the Elizabeth Anne Designs Library. The Library is a list of the best wedding professionals from across the country and I am so honored to be included in it! When I saw the photographers they included from California I was honestly shocked to see my name among them. Thank you ladies of Elizabeth Anne Designs! If you’re a bride definitely check out the Library and their blog for some amazing inspiration!

Keep your fingers crossed that we have no more earthquakes so I can get some work done!

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Amber Rose & Luis (& Lola)

I was so excited when Amber Rose emailed me asking me to do a session with her boyfriend Luis and their baby Lola! They’re not engaged (yet!), but wanted to do a fun family session. Amber and I played soccer together. No, not when we were in high school. We played in the Orange County Women’s Soccer League. I know. Hard core. I started playing right before Chuck and I got married to get in better shape and it was 2 days a week that I wouldn’t have to go to the gym! I liked it so much that I stuck around for a couple of seasons and then went and got myself pregnant and getting a ball kicked at your stomach while pregnant is not a good thing! Amber and I played midfield and we were always begging for each other to sub in for the other (because playing midfield is tiring!). Amber was always so supportive of my photography career and I always appreciated that. AND she is a UCLA fan! So we always got along quite well :)

Amber and Luis are so cute together! They just love their little Lola aka “Mama”. We had so much fun walking around Costa Mesa and Newport and it was great reconnecting with Amber. Our friend and teammate Maria came along to “assist” me as well. Thanks Maria! Couldn’t have done it without you!

Below are some of my favorite pictures and here is the side show! Enjoy!

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Mr. & Mrs. Posard

I’ve been a really bad blogger this week.  Being right in the midst of wedding season is crazyness!  This is my first weekend off in a while.  Well, not technically off, but just not shooting a wedding.  And next weekend I head up to Sonoma to shoot Katie and Brad’s wedding so I’m just trying to get prepared to be out of the office for a few days.

Okay, enough whining.  Onto the real reason I’m blogging today.  Julie and Mark’s wedding!  Their gorgeous wedding was held at the Four Seasons Westlake Village, which is really a fabulous venue.  I wasn’t even aware that there was a Four Seasons in Westlake Village!  It’s a new hotel with lush grounds and beautiful ballrooms.  I know Julie and Mark put a lot of hard work and time into planning this wedding and it was well worth all of the effort.  This was my first real Jewish wedding (I’ve shot a couple of weddings where they have used different Jewish traditions, but have never done everything).  I loved the signing of the Ketubah before the ceremony and the way the parents are so involved with that.  It’s always fun to see new and different traditions!  And of course I love the Hora!  I only got stepped on twice with no major bruises :)

Those of you who frequent my blog may have read a little of Julie and Mark’s story when I posted their engagement pictures.  Julie and Mark met at camp when Julie was 12 and Mark was 16.  Julie had a BIG crush on Mark, but Mark of course didn’t have any feelings for Julie at that time (because that would be creepy).  But over a decade later the two of them met again at a networking group in San Francisco and Julie knew exactly who Mark was when she saw his name tag.  How is that for fate?  Next to the cake the letter that Julie wrote to Mark after camp was displayed.  Can you believe Mark still had it?  They have such a story.  I love it!

Julie and Mark, thank you so much for including me in your wedding celebration!  You two did such an amazing job with everything.  I hope you are enjoying your time in Europe and relaxing!  Here’s the slide show!

All my brides have such gorgeous smiles!

Loved the flowers from Flora by Fauna!

The first look!

Right after signing the Ketubah, Julie’s veil is lowered.  I love these two pictures!

Gorgeous decor!


Best groomsman ever!  I’ve encountered a lot of groomsmen who think they are funny, but they really aren’t.  But, this guy was hilarious!  He had everyone out on the dance floor, even my second shooter Tracy!  Tracy, don’t kill me for posting this picture!  

And I love how they ended the night.  With all their friends and family around them!

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