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Mr. & Mrs. Murray

Boise is photographer heaven.  It’s an absolutely beautiful city full of cool alleys and old brick buildings.  As we flew over the city there were so many barns I lost count.  Unfortunately, the weather was not on my side.  If only it had been 20 degrees cooler we would have been able to take advantage of the awesome sites of Boise.  

Matt and Rachel were married this past Saturday and it was hot.  Very hot.  I was keeping my fingers crossed for cooler weather because Rachel had told me that if it was hot she didn’t want to spend much time outside.  It had even snowed in the mountains above Boise the week before.  However, we had no such luck.  It was over 103 degrees.  Luckily the hotel we were staying in, Hotel 43, had a gorgeous lobby and the hotel employees didn’t mind if we moved the furniture around (well, I didn’t really ask, but they didn’t stop me!) and the boys didn’t mind braving the heat for some pictures.   After the ceremony we decided to let it cool off for a bit before we did Matt and Rachel’s pictures and wouldn’t you know that a storm rolled in.  We don’t get storms like this in California.  You could literally see it rolling in.  Since it stays light in Boise until 10pm (crazy!) we were able to get outside for a few shots, but it was very windy!  Like I said, the weather was not on our side.

Besides the intense heat and unpredictable storms it was a beautiful day.  Rachel looked stunning in her gown and you could just see the excitement on Matt’s face.  It was a lot of fun to shoot a wedding somewhere new and different.  Thank you to both families for making Chuck and I feel so welcome!  And a very special thank you to Tawnya Hood for flying in all the way from Arizona to shoot with me!  Below are my favorite pictures and the slide show!  Congrats Matt and Rachel!

Rachel looked absolutely stunning

I loved Hotel 43.  Such a great place to shoot!

I love antique cars!

Don’t the guys look like a boy band?  I love it.

Two things I really loved from this wedding:

1) The ties the groomsmen wore

2)  The junior bridesmaid’s bouquet



The church was gorgeous!

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I know…

I know.  I know.  I’ve been a total blog slacker this week.  I don’t know if it’s the heat or if I’m just catching up on the time I lost being away this past weekend.  But, I will be blogging my awesome Idaho wedding and an awesome e session soon!  I promise!  For now, here’s a picture of one of the reasons I’ve gotten no work done this week.  Brayden has decided he doesn’t need his afternoon nap anymore.  I disagree.

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I will be out of the office shooting Matt and Rachel’s wedding in Boise this weekend.  I’ll return all phone calls and emails on Monday.  

Have a great weekend!


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