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Mr. & Mrs. Cotter

Michelle and Shawn picked a very beautiful (and very HOT) day to get married. They were married at Michelle’s cousins home in Alta Loma and everything about the day was perfect.

The gorgeous flowers were done by Barb Short (626)-798-0221. Not only is she an awesome florist, but she is also very sweet. She gave Michelle a very thoughtful note and hankie. It brought Michelle to tears :)


The bridal party was so awesome. Michelle and Shawn are the last of their group of friends to get married so they were all very excited for them!



It was HOT! But, these guys were great sports and we ended up with these awesome pictures. Guys always love the Reservior Dogs pictures.


project_20080426_09-copy.jpg The gorgeous ceremony! I love backyard weddings. project_20080426_16-copy.jpg

I love a girl who’s not afraid to get her dress a little dirty. It’s going to get dirty anyways so you might as well get some fun pictures out of it, right?


My second favorite picture of the day



This one is my favorite. Another bride with a long veil. LOVE it!


I found the perfect field for Michelle and Shawn’s pictures. When we were heading down the road we saw a worker from the city putting yellow police tape around the field. We thought they were probably doing it because of fire danger. But, as we were walking out there the guy yelled at us and said there were swarms of bees all over the field! What is it with my luck lately? A mountain lion and now killer bees? I swear my next encounter will be with a rattle snake. Well, we drove a bit further and found this field. No bees, mountain lions, or rattle snakes. Just red ants. I can deal with red ants. And the light was actually much better here.


See what I mean about the light? Gorgeous!




I absolutely loved working with Michelle and Shawn. Michelle is so genuine and kind. She is going to make a great mom someday (hopefully sooner than later!). And Shawn cracks me up. They are perfect! Except that Shawn happens to be a huge fan of that other school in LA. Boooo!


Silver Service Catering catered the wedding. They made the best potatoes I’ve ever had. And I’ve eaten a lot of potatoes at weddings. No pictures of the potatoes. I should have taken a picture of them, they were that good. But, here’s a picture of the gorgeous cake!


I love this shot of Michelle and Shawn’s mom watching them during their first dance. Don’t they look so proud and happy?


The bridal party did such a great job with the toasts. If everyone laughs and cries then it’s a perfect toast.



The best man gave the worlds longest toast. It’s a good thing Michelle had already married Shawn because she may have just changed her mind when she learned about how Shawn caught his butt on fire while trying to light his farts. Yeah, I know. TMI. But, he’s a Trojan so I had to publicly humiliate him on my blog ;)


And my favorite DJ’s, VOX, were there to keep the party going all night long. Even when the power went out during, “Please Don’t Stop the Music”. How ironic is that?


Michelle and Shawn, thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding photography. You two are truly perfect for each other and I’m so happy you found one another. Your wedding reminded me why I love what I do so much. You two are so lucky to have such loving and supportive friends and family. It was such a magical day and the perfect wedding! Thank you for including me! I hope you are loving every second of Costa Rica! Here’s your slide show to the most perfect first dance song ever. Congratulations!

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Sneak Peek – Mr. & Mrs. Cotter

I’m 2 for 2. Another absolutely fabulous wedding with another amazing couple. How do I get so lucky? No mountain lions today, but we did have an encounter with some killer bees.  Here are two of my favorites. More later!08-copy.jpg


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My new baby cousin!

So excited! My new baby cousin is here! We’ve been awaiting her arrival for some time now. Chuck’s Aunt Shari and her boyfriend Don brought her home this past weekend. She’s gorgeous with big brown eyes and sandy blonde hair. She’s a tiny little thing weighing in at about 5 pounds. She sleeps most of the time (as most newborns do) and really doesn’t make too much noise. And, she’s almost potty trained! At only 8 weeks! It’s going to be great for Brayden to have a cousin so close in age. They will get to grow up together. How fun! Here are her newborn pictures! img_0750web.jpg


Did I forget to mention that Charley is a dog? ;) She’s a golden doodle and she’s the 2nd cutest dog I’ve ever seen! We’re so excited for Shari and Don to finally have a puppy of their own! It’s the best!

Funny story about her name, Charley the IV. When I was pregnant we were out to dinner with Shari, Don, Chuck’s other aunt Connie, and his Grandma. Everyone was asking us what we were going to name the baby. Chuck is Charles Frederick Bittel III. And while that’s a great name and all, I really didn’t want a Charles the IV. I had my heart set on naming him Brayden. So when we told everyone the baby’s name, his Grandma didn’t love it and Shari, being the antagonist that she is, kept saying that we really should name the baby Charlie IV to carry on the family tradition. I told Shari that SHE should have a baby and she could name him Charlie IV. Well, she did! And although the puppy is a girl, they just adapted the spelling to Charley IV. LOVE it! Now all the pressure is off of me and the family name is carried on :)

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