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Bad Babysitters

I think my parents are going to get their babysitting privileges revoked.  My kid does not wear dorky outfits like this…


This is how Brayden was returned to me this afternoon.  In a dorky cowboy outfit complete with cowboy boots.  See. Brayden is not happy about it! He doesn’t want to be a cowboy!  He doesn’t like cowboy boots.  If I didn’t like my freedom so much on Saturday mornings I would not let my kid hang out with them.

Here is a picture of a much happier Brayden


It’s so much fun now that he’s starting to smile, laugh, and really respond to us. He started smiling at 5 weeks, but at 6 weeks I knew for sure it was a real smile. He laughs and talks to himself. I think he really likes me and I’m starting to like being a Mom!


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Todd + Robin = Robby

Is everyone sick of pictures of Brayden Bittel yet? Well, here is a whole entire post of pictures without him. Not that I didn’t try to take one of him during this shoot, but he was sleeping the whole time :)

Todd and Robin are good friends of ours who live up North. Chuck and Todd grew up right next door to each other and Chuck’s best (and really the only ones he remembers) childhood memories involve Todd and his sister Katie. Todd and I went to high school together too, but he was the cool senior football player and I was just a dorky, little freshman. I didn’t get to know him until Chuck and I started dating at the end of high school. When Todd moved up north to become a fireman he met his wonderful and beautiful wife, Robin. This past November they adopted little Robby to complete their family. Robby is just the cutest baby! He is a big boy with gorgeous blue eyes. And his personality is so cute! He’s super laid back and so interested in what is going on in the world around him. It’s pretty cool that Robby and Brayden are so close in age. I just wish we lived closer so they could hang out!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from their family session and here’s a slide show. Thank you to my friend Trista for letting me know where this super secret location is :)

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Gotta Love March Madness!

Brayden is very excited that he was born in time to see his favorite team play in the NCAA tournament! We’re just getting ready for the UCLA game to start and Brayden wanted to do a little photo shoot in his designer UCLA onsie. It’s from Chip and Pepper.  How fancy!



This is Brayden’s “Whoa! Did you see that dunk by Love? He’s my hero!” face.


This is Brayden’s “My team is tougher than your team” face.


This is the face Brayden will make if we lose (which we won’t!).


And this is Brayden’s “Oh! You’re so funny Mommy!” face.


Go Bruins!!!

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