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J’adore Details!

I am so excited to announce a new website that is almost a year in the making! J’adore Details is a labor of love created by myself and 3 of my fabulous photographer friends, Trista Lerit, Amelia Lyon, and Jasmine*. The three things we all have in common is that we are all wedding photographers, we have all planned our own weddings, and we love wedding details! We seriously love weddings and we wanted a website that would showcase the best wedding vendors and the little details that can help make your wedding unique and different. So, check it out and spend some time looking through all the pictures to get ideas for your wedding! We’ll update it when we find new vendors that we know will make your day fun and perfect!


A special thank you to Jamie from So Divine Designs for creating our logo! It’s absolutely perfect! And thank you to my friends Trista, Amelia, and Jas. It has been so great getting to know you all over all those pizookies we’ve consumed over the past year getting this website going. You all rock and I’m so lucky to have you all in my life!

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Happy One Week Birthday!

We’re home! Finally! It feels so great to be home. The nurses and doctors wanted us to stay another day, but I said no way! I hate being in the hospital and it’s impossible to rest. I got such better sleep at home last night!

We’re all doing really well. I know I’m totally biased, but Brayden is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. I just can’t believe he was the little guy in my stomach kicking me a week ago. It’s pretty unreal. I love snuggling with him on my chest and even though I know it’s just gas I’ve seen a couple of smiles that just melt my heart. Chuck is the best dad. He really took care of both of us in the hospital and he’s doing a great job at home. The two of them look exactly alike. It’s hilarious!

I have a few more pictures that my great friend Michelle took.

Brayden and Papa G



My favorite picture! Brayden with his Daddy.

I’m so glad she was there to capture these moments because I don’t remember most of them. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great friend like her. She’s taken such awesome care of us bringing us a care package with everything we needed for the hospital. Then she went out and found everything we needed for Brayden and me at home. We’re so lucky to have Michelle and her family in our lives. Her kids Emma and Owen got to meet Brayden aka “French Fry” this weekend. It was too cute! Michelle, you are the best. Thank you for everything!

And here’s one more from this morning. Brayden was supposed to be doing tummy time, but he fell asleep. Lazy! I wish I could sleep as much as he does :)


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I’m a Mommy!

Hi friends!
Sorry there haven’t been any updates but we’ve had a rough couple of days. Brayden was born by c section at 3:30 PM on 2\12. He’s 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long. Were both doing fine but ran fevers after and it was a long road getting him out. He looks just like his daddy but has a combo of our hair. It might be red someday but its a strawberry blonde for now. I’m going to be in the hospital until Friday or Saturday but my BFF Michelle was here taking pics so we should be able to get a pic up soon. Thanks so much for all your well wishes. I can’t tell you how much it means to me!

The new mommy




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